Richard Pinhas – L’ethique


Released: 1982 By Spalax Music

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  1. L’Ethique (Part I) [6:21]
  2. Dedicated to K.C. [6:51]
  3. Melodic Simple Transition [4:10]MP3 soundclip of Melodic simple transition [3:00]
  4. Belfast [4:56]
  5. L’Ethique (Part II) [4:05]
  6. The Western Wail (Part I) [7:45]
  7. L’Ethique (Part III) [4:44]
  8. The Western Wail (Part II) [4:29]
  9. L’Ethique (Part IV) [1:45]

    Bonus track:

  10. Southbound [6:39]

Strong and highly energetic

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1 review for Richard Pinhas – L’ethique

  1. Ivar de Vries

    This album is generally regarded as the magnum opus of Richard Pinhas and rightly so, because it’s consistently strong and highly energetic, the culmination of some ten years in the business. It was almost his last as well, because it took another ten years before Pinhas finally got around to finishing and releasing follow-up album DWW”

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