Richard Pinhas – Metal/Crystal


Released: 2010 By Cuneiform Records

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    CD #1: Metal [59:07]

  1. Bi-Polarity (Gold) [15:52]MP3 soundclip of Bi-polarity [3:00]
  2. Paranoia (Iridium) [14:21]
  3. Depression (Loukoum) [28:54]
    CD #2: Crystal [4:21]

  1. Hysteria (Palladium) [28:21]
  2. Schizophrenia (Silver) [28:38]

    Bonus track:

  3. Legend [7:22]

The 6 lengthy tracks feature some of Pinhas most melodic guitar riffs in recent years, as well as his noisiest sonic abstractions ever

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1 review for Richard Pinhas – Metal/Crystal

  1. Signal to Noise

    Pinhas‘ sonic masses are microscopically textured, as if formed by millions of threads of ice in constant heaving motion. Its grand music, yet artificial sounding for all the nearly biological detail in its strata. These giant shapes shudder and peak like a sonic aurora borealiscoming off like a collaboration between Autechre and Brian Eno.

    2010. Signal to Noise

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