Robert Rich – Electric ladder


Released: 2006 By Soundscape

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  1. Electric Ladder [10:32]MP3 soundclip of Electric ladder [1:32]
  2. Shadowline [8:45]
  3. Poppy Fields [7:16]
  4. Sky Tunnel [9:05]
  5. Concentric [6:27]
  6. Aquifer [6:42]
  7. Never Alone [6:29]

Vibrant interlocking melodies

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2 reviews for Robert Rich – Electric ladder

  1. Chuck van Zyl / Star’s End

    Robert Rich finds expression in his works by fusing nature, technology, art and craft into a musical replica of our earthly macrocosm. On Electric Ladder (55’16)

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2006 features 55 minutes of energetic tuneage.
    Joining Rich on this CD are: Paul Hanson and Haroun Serang.

    There is a strong electricity present in this music (no pun intended.). The tunes buzz with a charge that infuses the audience with a cellular vibrancy. At the same time, an organic disposition lurks carefully in the mix, one that approximates growth and compresses seasonal blossoms into observable maturation. The unity of technology and nature is a customary undercurrent in Rich‘s music, and this perspective is tantamount here. The ladder is a tree, and electricity flows through its boughs like sap.
    Besides utilizing a plethora of electronics, Rich coaxes some highly dazzling textures from steel guitars, producing searing dreaminess that blazes as it ascends, striving to join the sun and connect the earth with heaven. While he has employed steel guitars in previous works, their mournful strains are demonstrably more prominent in these compositions, taking center stage for long passages and dominating the lazy sonic flow with their shrill passion.
    Layers of pittering rhythms play a vital role in this music, unfurling streamers of luxurious tempos that intertwine with advancing complexity until a nest of beats blur in the background amid the wavering tonalities and surging pulsations.
    The presence of bassoon and saxophone in a few tracks lends a striking classical mien to the otherwise distinctly modern music.While sedate and soothing, this music cannot be considered ambient, for it vibrates with an energy that is swift and mercurial. Emphatic pinnacles are achieved and sustained for long stretches, imbuing the music with a vivid zest–an ebullience that is rather uncharacteristic for Rich’s usual soft temperament.This heretofore unprecedented dynamic is superbly guided by Rich‘s sense of fluid atmospherics. Textures flow with sturdy resolve, goaded to radiance by the fresh touch of vigorous zeniths and the melodic fervor that delivers the audience to each subsequent peak of tasty resonance.

    2006. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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