Robert Rich – Vestiges


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  1. The Fading Shore of Memory [6:20]
  2. Night Seas Luminesce [6:59]
  3. Spectre of Lost Light [15:16]
  4. Obscured by Leaf Shadows [5:27]
  5. Equipoise and Dissolution [8:49]
  6. Reborn in Brackish Pools [3:40]
  7. Anchorless on Quiet Tide [16:00]

Brand new album by Robert Rich

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  1. Richard Grtler / Bratislava, Slovakia

    With Vestiges” Robert Rich continues his tremendously enrapturing aural venture into tenebrously reflective terrains distinctively mirrored on magnificent “What We Left Behind” album. Precisely displayed by stunningly immersing cover images by photographer Brad Cole with additional design by John Bergin

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