Robert Schroeder – ClubCHILL Vol.2


Released: 2014 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. Save My Soul [6:29]
  2. Sweet Sin [5:50]
  3. Feel The Music [8:28]
  4. JazzMo [4:24]
  5. Night Games [8:54]
  6. Chill The Time [7:36]
  7. RadioWaves [7:44]
  8. Heart Of My Soul [5:16]
  9. I am Lonely [5:40]
  10. Stranger Morning [8:56]

Great new Chillout release by Robert Schroeder.

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1 review for Robert Schroeder – ClubCHILL Vol.2

  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    That can annoy! This double personality of Robert Schroeder can really annoy. Even divide the perception of EM fans towards him. But not that of his fans. Why? Well no matter the skins, the characters or the way he approaches EM and exploits it in all its hidden recesses; Robert Schroeder does it with a passion which is at the measure of the results. And no matter the kinds, even if the results can sometimes disconcert, they are always at the very top of the standards of excellence. Club CHILL Vol. 2 is part of this hybrid personality of Schroeder where the musician of Aachen likes working the various sources of rhythms with tendencies for a funk style dipped into the idleness of groove beats, while always having a good dose of cosmic elements which eventually comfort an ear in search of an unlimited sonic wealth. And believe in me, Club CHILL Vol. 2 is filled to the top of this wealth, and to satisfaction.

    It’s obvious that the opening of Save my Soul” can bother. The voices of American soul and the cornets of trumpets Hem not that obvious! But we have to keep in mind those words thrown on the background: I want some noises. And there are. As much as there is rhythm. We won’t escape it. This rhythm is contagious with solid percussions but also with organic tones sequences and a line of bass which bites here and there

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