Roedelius – Lustwandel


Released: 1981 By Bureau B

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  1. Lustwandel [3:49]
  2. Legende [2:10]
  3. Ansinnen [1:04]
  4. Betrachtung [2:12]
  5. Drau�en Vorbei [4:16]
  6. Hartekin [1:05]
  7. Von Ferne Her [3:28]
  8. Vom Fliegen [3:24]
  9. Willkommen [1:56]
  10. Pirouette [1:33]
  11. Dein Antlitz [4:07]
  12. Langer Atem [7:15]
  13. Die Andere Blume [1:23]

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3 reviews for Roedelius – Lustwandel

  1. Jim Brenholts

    Lustwandel is an amazing experimental atmospheric effort from Hans-Joachim Roedelius, a master of the art. There is nothing beyond this man’s reach.

    These unique compositions have character, charm, and grace that separate them from standard … Full Descriptione-music and avant-garde fare. Roedelius uses gentle acoustics and silence as integral elements of his sound design. He segues within his atmospheres seamlessly. The sound is distinct and fresh. Only Roedelius can sound like this.

    He has achieved a status that few others have. He is in a league with Brian Eno, Steve Roach, Robert Rich, and Robert Scott Thompson.

    2009. Jim Brenholts

  2. Greg Barbrick

    The third studio album by Hans-Joachim Roedelius, titled Lustwandel, was originally released in 1981. The German experimental-music pioneer had already made a name for himself as a founding member of the seriously avant-garde Kluster, and its polar opposite, the proto-ambient Harmonia. But as a solo artist, Roedelius was able to pursue his most personal visions, no matter where they might lead.
    Lustwandel is unique in the fact that an acoustic piano is used so often. As an artist who was considered by many to be the electronic keyboardist of the Krautrock era, this was a considerable development. It must have helped that Lustwandel was produced by Peter Baumann (of Tangerine Dream) because the album turned out to be one of Roedelius finest works.

    The record begins with the title track, a deeply introspective piece of piano meditation, which sets the tone for the next 12 tracks. No matter what the context, Roedelius music has always been known for the atmospheres he evokes. On Lustwandel, he glides seamlessly through them. Draufen Vorbei” comes across as playful while “Legende” has its roots in chamber music of the 19th century. “Wilkommen” emanates a vaguely militaristic feel

  3. Bryon Hayes

    Originally released in 1981, Lustwandel is the sixth solo effort (third, if you don’t count the Selbstportait releases) from legendary German sound artist Hans-Joachim Roedelius. Produced by Tangerine Dream‘s Peter Baumann, this album is an uninhibited, deeply personal glance at a composer who has influenced a great many musicians, both electronic and otherwise.

    Lustwandel is unique, in that many of the pieces forming the album feature acoustic piano. The combination of the gentle acoustic elements with the synthesizers that many Roedelius fans are more familiar with is refreshingly surprising. Each of the 13 tracks expresses a distinct mood, from introspective melancholy to carefree playfulness. Synthesized percussion, which provides an uncharacteristic, yet welcome, groove, is used to great effect.

    2010. Bryon Hayes

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