Ron Boots – La caida de hormigon

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Released: 2011 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. La caida de hormigon (the fall of concrete)MP3 soundclip of La ca�da [3:00]
  2. A traves de las ruinas vista al pasado – (A view through the ruins of the past)MP3 soundclip of A trav�s [3:00]
  3. Cielo abierto a traves de los pilares de la fe – (Open Skies across the pillars of faith)MP3 soundclip of Cielo abierto [3:00]

Its all about sequences on this one, Ron on a Quest for the 70’s and 80’s sequencer feeling

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2 reviews for Ron Boots – La caida de hormigon

  1. Marco Smit / The Netherlands

    This album is one of his best master pieces, sometimes you think it is Schulze but Ron Boots has his own sound. 3 Pieces of music with a lot of sequencing and he use the secuencer i like.
    I have many albums of Ron but this album is since I have buy, mine favourite album and he made many more master pieces of music. But this album tells an stoy of Ruins and I love Ruins.
    The Music of Ron is also an medicine for me and mine partner after an heavy working week. The music of Ron brings natural energy back to your life. All the 3 tracks are ending in an nice and welcome climax.
    For now take an seat, tune your stereo and listen to this masterpiece of the dutch master Ron Boots.

    2012. Marco Smit / The Netherlands

  2. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Its from the ashes of history that Ron Boots presents his last opus. La Cada de Hormign is a concept album inspired by the Ruines. Built on 3 long titles which intertwine in dense trade wind spheres, La Cada de Hormign is immersed by latent, implosives and explosives rhythms shaped in brief minimalist sequential segments which turn in timeless loops in a fascinating sound fauna. Heavy and hypnotic rhythms which are fed by avalanches of sequences, coupled with the solid percussions of Harold van der Heijden, and synths with hybrid breaths where winds and solos transport us in a musical world totally magical.

    A pulsating line awakens a cloud of sound particles, while a stream of synth breaths and winds assaults the shy intro of La Cada de Hormign”. An ascending sequence comes out of it. Its 5 furtive chords twirl in loops

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