Ron Boots – Tainted bare skin

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Released: 1998 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Gravity Pull [11:31]MP3 soundclip of Gravity Pull [3:00]
  2. Tainted Bare Skin [13:21]MP3 soundclip of Tainted bare skin [3:00]
  3. Achouchemojha [7:26]MP3 soundclip of Achouchemojha [3:00]
  4. Freezin’ Heat [11:25]
  5. Dewdrop Plunge [9:46]
  6. Déjà Vu [12:19]
  7. Dejection’s Curve [5:04]

‘Typical’ Boots

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2 reviews for Ron Boots – Tainted bare skin

  1. Phil Derby / Wind and Wire

    With Tainted Bare Skin

  2. Bert Strolenberg

    The ’98-release Tainted Bare Skin” of Netherlands’s most famous and successful electronic musician Ron Boots is again one that hits the spot in many ways. It offers an astonishing 70 minutes of very well composed complex compositions burning out of your speakers. Varied sounding sequences come together with nicely layered cosmic sound scapes and powerful rhythms

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