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  1. THE RETURN [27:13]
  2. FLOATING TIME [21:12]
  3. MIND LAKE [23:48]

Sequentia Legenda mesmerizing, hypnotic, atmospheric and representati ve of great hours of music

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1 review for SEQUENTIA LEGENDA – Over There

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    With perseverance and a very classical vision of the Berlin School, period Mirage, Sequentia Legenda has managed to climb among the most beautiful discoveries of the modern EM with 3 albums of an eloquent sonic poetry. Then came the very amazing Renaissance last year! Originally conceived in the 80’s, OVER THERE took almost 35 years to land on Compact Disc. I don’t know all the secrets and legends of my dear friend Laurent Schieber, but I know that he has an exceptional talent in marketing. So, the story of OVER THERE is walking on different websites and stretches over different times. Sequentia Legenda started this musical journey with some analog instruments and finishes it with virtual ones adapted with analog tones. Honestly, I didn’t really hear analog tones on OVER THERE, except for Tommy Betzler on drums. On the other hand, I heard an impressive work of the sequencer, which sounds like the dawn of the MIDI time but with a bank of tone s much larger, in 3 very fiery title that recall all the talent and know-how that Laurent has developed since Blue Dream in 2015.The Return” begins on the hats of wheels! Some arpeggios flutter without power in an environment without sounds

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