Son of Ohm – Paradigma


Released: 2017 By Synth Music Direct

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  1. Algorhythms [10:10]
  2. Cosmic Revival I [1:25]
  3. Pixies [11:49]
  4. Cosmic Revival II [1:38]
  5. Caravanserai [10:26]
  6. Cosmic Revival III [1:10]
  7. Spirit Flash [12:19]

Retro Berlin School in Schulze style

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1 review for Son of Ohm – Paradigma

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Son of Ohm comes back to fill our ears with this good mix of Krautrock and Electronic in a 5th album called PARADIGMA. Involved in his projects from A to Z, Leonardo Wijma also draws these nice front artworks that still have a psychedelic aura which is also found in his music. Home product offered on his download platform, PARADIGMA is a well-made album with a pretty decent tone in 24Bits that allows us to discern the instruments used, although with EM we are sure of nothing! This last album of Son of Ohm offers a route of charms that we must collected as the 4 long titles are running. They deploy structures of ambient rhythms with a different approach between each. Structures that are in connection with the 3 other ones. In this new adventure, the one that was once Leonardo offers 7 structures, all well balanced at the level of length, which are linked in a mosaic filled with the vintage years’ perfumes, with charming organic and cosmic ton e s whose pulsating rhythms create an addiction that we satisfy by discovering a little more the universes of Leonardo Wijma.

    Algorhythms” doesn’t waste time before reaching the inexorable border where psybient

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