Spyra – Gasoline – 91 octane


Released: 2008 By Manikin Records

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  1. Shirogane [9:32]MP3 soundclip of Shirogane [3:00]
  2. Rantum Random [10:26]
  3. Operation PPG [16:30]
  4. Treskow Bridge [7:10]
  5. Below 20 [19:09]

    Bonus track:

  6. Future Of The Past EleKtriK [3:50]

Recorded in Kunstraum Syltquelle

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3 reviews for Spyra – Gasoline – 91 octane

  1. DL

    A deep bass line is punctuated by the most wonderful six-note sequence, getting ‘Shirogane’ off to a wonderful start. Gorgeous pads swell underneath. There is a strange ticking percussive effect that when you wear headphones sounds like it is coming from behind you- wild! Gentle rhythms take us forward whilst a laser sharp lead line slowly weaves over the top. The overall effect is of a completely blissed out chugger. The combination of sounds here is just superb, emphasizing once again just what an outstanding composer Wolfram is.
    ‘Rantum Random’ immediately deploys the sequencer again. This time it is more urgent but kept quite low in the mix. Drums and a bass line pick up quite a groove with piano lead skipping amongst the beats and pulsations. It is a little more forceful than the opener but without really letting rip. I would say it is a gentle body mover with quite a melodic hook.
    With a title like ‘Operation PPG’ I was expecting some real analog sounding Berlin School magic. After a traditional atmospheric opening followed by a high register sequence I thought, so far so good but then a quite driving rhythm emerges giving the whole thing a much more contemporary edge- but then again the flutey synth backing sounded decidedly 70s, so it is a real mix of styles. The thing is though, it all works really well together. By the seventh minute the drums seem to be in a constant state of mutation, indeed they sometimes disappear entirely, just leaving the sequence, solar winds and that’s about it. Even though great use is made of space there seems to be so much happening. A fresh combination of sounds, rhythm or sequence are experimented with one after another. For the last few minutes we return to a similar feel to the first half of the track but with the addition of a really fantastic sawing lead that will just make you want to punch the air in pure joy. This is the best track on the album so far.
    ‘Treskow Bridge’ has the most beautiful piano start. Drums are added, gently chugging along but it is certainly the piano that is the main feature until some lovely breathy pads come in. The piano isn’t finished with yet however as it makes a simply stunning return during the last few moments. Ideal for just chilling out to.
    ‘Below 20’ is initially in marked contrast, sparse effects mixing with a chilling wind and little bass rumbles. A wonderful sequence starts to form whilst almost ghostly electronic tones shimmer lower in the mix. Mellotron is added and a second sequence emerges- absolutely fantastic! More gentle rhythms are introduced but it is the sequence and delicate lead line which attract the attention most. All rhythms depart in the sixth minute leaving sequence and tron to relax the soul. A bass throb adds tension as the sequence morphs, gaining added oomph as the rhythm returns once more. Another laid back melody meanders through the soundstage then solidifies, becoming more strident. By the eleventh minute things have been stripped right back again to the bass throb with just a little synth embellishments and some very faint chatter which is so low in the mix it can’t be made out. Gradually things rebuild as the individual elements from earlier return. Wolfram hasn’t finished with us yet though as it’s all change again and we get something of a drum fest before returning to atmospherics to finish.
    ‘Future of the Past EleKtriK’ is a short finishing number and is the most commercial track on the album with a bouncy rhythm and melody played on a number of different lead sounds. It’s ideal for both air keyboard as well as air drums and I hope it will get your whole body moving as well as leaving a contented smile on the face.

    I no longer have my copy of the ‘Future of the Past’ album so I can’t check for similarities but it sounds like nothing I remember unless it is a reinterpretation of one of the melodies in a new setting (maybe, maybe not). Wolfram seems to be able to turn his hand to almost any style of music from downright weird, to modern ambient, to Berlin School etc. Here he has produced one of his most accessible, melodic and without doubt on this occasion most relaxed and laidback album so far.

    2008. DL

  2. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    If pressed to choose my favorite EM artist, I tend to favor the more overtly Berlin school acts like Radio Massacre International or Free System Projekt, but I might actually have to give the nod to Wolfram der Spyra.

    When Im driving down the road in the sunshine, playing the track Shirogane” that opens this CD

  3. Will Lcken

    Mit der neuen CD legt Wolfram Spyra die Messlatte fr superlative Kreationen aus dem Bereich der elektronisch erzeugten Tonsignale noch ein bisschen hher! Die Musik zeigt Kontinuitt, knpft offenbar nahtlos an den Stil der grandiosen Werke My little Garden of Sounds

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