Stefan Erbe – Kunststoff


Released: 1997 By Stefan Erbe

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  1. Reflected Images [7:06]MP3 soundclip of Reflected images [3:00]
  2. Planet Ice [5:17]
  3. Effect [4:19]
  4. Kunststoff [6:36]
  5. Activity [4:21]
  6. Building [5:29]
  7. Time Stand Still [5:06]
  8. First Look Into Light [3:33]
  9. The Source [4:06]
  10. Rollercoaster [3:32]
  11. Personal Paradise [2:37]
  12. Lemondance [4:51]
  13. Meaning Of A Word [5:23]
  14. Machines (and Modules) [6:06]
  15. Hopeless World (97 remix) [4:51]

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  1. © Matt Howarth

    This 1997 release features 73 minutes of bewitching electronic music.Although spaciness is a dominant factor here, these instrumental tracks delve into reflections of human nature.
    These mortal observations are given meter and form, transmuted through a variety of keyboard-triggered electronics, producing music that resounds with emotional content.
    Stately keyboard notes flitter across a panorama of twinkling tonalities that hangs like a rich cloudbank over an icy landscape. Sweeps and mercurial sequencing cavort in this aerial mix, delineating the compelling melodies with lush propulsion. Sinuous E-perc applies thrilling rhythms, urging the music to ever livelier altitudes. Astral qualities merge with these dynamic elements, producing uptempo music of a cosmic nature.
    There is a notable cleverness going on in Erbe‘s focused compositions, delivering tunes that sparkle with congeniality and siren-tempos. This listener-friendly music not only stimulates the mind, it reaches all the way into the toes with its appealing rhythms.

    2002. © Matt Howarth

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