Stefan Erbe + Steve Baltes – S-thetics


Released: 2015 By Stefan Erbe

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  1. chromium [10:42]
  2. into the blue [5:05]
  3. s-thetic [12:14]
  4. eclipse lunaire [6:29]
  5. sepia [14:00]
  6. liquid buildings [8:42]
  7. ultra [16:02]
  8. exit-s [2:36]

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1 review for Stefan Erbe + Steve Baltes – S-thetics

  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    You remember this wonderful album of Steve Baltes, Bochum Sky, released in the end of 2014? That’s a superb album which interweaved marvelously, both at the level of rhythms and ambiences, the essences of Berlin School, no matter the ages, in a kind of lunar Electronica. It’s in this place, in this time that S-Thetic quietly took root. Sound of Sky is a series of concerts organized by Stefan Erbe, a kind of German Jean Michel Jarre, of which the purpose is to promote both axes, ambient and rhythmic, of the modern Electronic Music. Being a man very well established in the circle, and with around 25 albums to his credit, Stefan Erbe enjoys a fame which helps him to set up good programming for these evenings at the Bochum Planetarium and also to develop good friendships with musicians who have flirted with legends. After the success of Bochum Sky, remember that he was playing with Baltes, Stefan Erbe and Steve Baltes took a rain ticket for an other rendezvous at an evening of Sound of Sky. This time, it was the one of December 2014. S-Thetic, a naming which fits like a glove to the music of this album, is the condensed fruit, one has eliminated the ambiospherical phases of the concert as well as the noises of the crowd, is yet another great album from this duet who brings the EM towards levels where the cosmic Electronica transcends the limits of the contemporaneousness. It’s a mixture of techno, robbed of these symbolic and oh how much useless tsitt-tsitt, of synth-pop, perfumed of its allegorical assets, where the EM of a Berliner style adorns itself with its most beautiful interstellar trumps. As for me, this is the road that Jean Michel Jarre should have taken!

    The duet weaves a lunar decoration simply charming from the opening of Chromium”. Wooiish wooiish travels between our ears

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