Steve Roach – Day out of time (10th Ann. Edition)


Released: 2012 By Steve Roach

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  1. Underground Clouds [5:04]
  2. Begins Looking Skyward [6:20]
  3. Walking Upright [6:49]
  4. This Life [4:35]
  5. The Dreamer Descends [11:40]
  6. True West [3:05]
  7. The Holy Dirt [7:29]
  8. Merciful Eyes [4:54]
  9. Two Rivers Dreaming [4:48]
  10. The Eternal Expanse [10:10]
  11. The Return [8:22]
    Time of the Earth the film
    A Desert Dreamtime Journey — soundtrack by Steve Roach a film by Steve Lazur

    Elegantly repackaged with a special value-added DVD: Steve Lazur’s film Time of the Earth. power of the desert has been a core inspiration of Steveand this release presents the zenith of that period.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    The adventure of Day out of Time and Time of the Earth began at the end of the 90s. The film maker and documentary maker Steve Lazur patrolled the immense American western deserts to satisfy his 16mm camera of films radiating of striking images. This filmographic route through time lasted over a period of 3 years. Afterward the American cineaste proposed his images to the music of Steve Roach, a pioneer of soundscapes who depicts with a profound poetic glance these immense areas of solitude which cover the Western United States. This unexpected union was going to give Time of the Earth (the movie released on September 21st, 2001) and Day out of Time, a Steve Roach compilation album (released November, 2002) among which the titles selected from epic albums such as Early Man, Atmospheric Conditions and Dreamtime Return, as well as varied compilations with hard to find material), would dance with Lazurs images of clay. These sepa rate works got scattered in time until they ended out of print and untraceable. Ten years later Sam Rosenthal gathers both works, restored and remasterised them to offer the whole conceptual work in a nice eco-cardboard artwork with a wonderful picture took by Steve Roach as the main theme, where the beauty of Lazurs images can be now transported wherever we are; in thoughts or in journeys through the ages of the deserts of the mythical American West.

    The desert is an arid land whipped by dry winds and its in this way that Underground Clouds” begins this odyssey through the American ergs. Winds as much hot as this cooked ground criss-cross the plains that get lost in the horizon. They blow with variable speeds

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