Steve Roach – Delicate Forever


Released: 2014 By Steve Roach

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  1. The Delicate Forever [24:42]
  2. Well Spring [13:35]
  3. Where the Mysteries Sleep [12:35]
  4. Perfect Sky [13:45]
  5. HearAfter [9:10]

THE DELICATE FOREVER presents a reverie of gentle and etheric ambient soundmeditations that awaken complex and resonant states of emotional and psychological perspectives.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Behind each ambient work, to say the least for the greater part and made exclusion of the Immersion Series, of Steve Roach wander some ghost melodies. Kind of ear-worm which sneak up until our subconscious and which leaves an indelible track in the corridors of our harmonic dreams. And this The Delicate Forever is no exception! Weaved in a long soundtrack of 74 minutes which are knotted by tiny modulations in ambiences embroidered of delicate melodic subtleties, this last collection of Steve Roach’s ethereal sonic poetry is inspired by the very soporific moods of the majestic Structures from Silence. In fact it is when Steve Roach has revisited this album in the frame of its 30th special birthday edition that the inspirations came to him. Inspirations which, as you will hear, float easily and haunt a very long structure that will become your most invaluable companion during your next excursions in your phases of meditation, contemplation a nd pre-sleep.

    And from the first synth waves, we are feeling wrapped by the magic of Roach. These layers float like waves with sweet sibylline perfumes in an amphibian sound environment. Fine drops of water are oozing from sonic walls and their movements of random falls draw fascinating fragments of melodies which remain suspended throughout the 25 minutes of the title-track. Plainly and without new developments, The Delicate Forever” auscultates the emptiness by the means of our ears. This oblong introductory movement in this last reflection of Steve Roach about the silence is a magnetising ambient mosaic where the passivity finds its allies in the movement of its shadows which float like threatening modulations and draw spectral panoramas illuminated by these liquefied pearls of which the distant harmonies lead us towards the very beautiful “Well Spring”. By far the most beautiful track of The Delicate Forever

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