Steve Roach – Molecules of Motion


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  1. Molecules of Motion [24:21]
  2. Grace Meditation [23:39]
  3. Phase Reverie [10:11]
  4. Empath Current [15:02]

Melancholy space music

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1 review for Steve Roach – Molecules of Motion

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    That old wizard of sounds! Inexhaustible and simply delicious for the ears, whether in ambient music or animated by sequencers, Steve Roach returns with another album of original music in Molecules of Motion. We read the title and we look at the cover, and already we have a vague idea of its content. But I never thought that the color and the design of the tones would fit to the spirit of its front cover.

    The title-track gradually and slowly breaks the silence with a movement coming from beneath the ground. An immense sonic vertebra emerges and its fluid movement begins to produce a series of magnetizing sinusoidal loops. These loops undulate in a choreography for multi-colored oscillating lines with a panoply of sequences of which some possess organic tones as well as deformed shadows which play constantly on the nuances of this horizontal spiral-shaped rhythm. Unlikely, a kind of melody, ingenious weaver of earworm, gets fixed between our ears, like the effect of a kaleidoscope and its labile loops which come and go tirelessly. The rhythm is nervous in its helix structure. It’s wriggled even at times like a spasmodic dance of scissors whose brief blows hatch the long sequenced vertebra which tirelessly takes back its shape, going so far as to flirt with more floating passages. Synth layers house at the top of this decor slightly influenced by a psybient kind, but a little more edible for timorous ears. These layers are much more present and their forms are more accentuated in Grace Meditation” which takes the structure of “Molecules of Motion”

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