Steve Roach – Pure flow


Released: 2001 By Steve Roach

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  1. In the Heart of Distant Horizons (excerpt)
  2. Slow Heat (excerpt)MP3 soundclip of Slow heat [0:57]
  3. This and the OtherMP3 soundclip of This and the other [1:00]
  4. Hovering
  5. The Dream Circle (excerpt)MP3 soundclip of Dream circle [1:00]
  6. Gone From Here
  7. The Unbroken Promise

71 minute flow of atmospheric soundscapes

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  1. Kristen Tilbury / USA

    This album is for one of those nights when the sky is clear- complete with the sound of crickets chirping. The music itself evokes a hot and dry atmosphere of a southwestern summer.

    On Slow Heat” I am transported to weird

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