Steve Roach + Robert Logan – Biosonic


Released: 2016 By Projekt

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  1. Desires : Birth [5:39]
  2. OmniGen [5:37]
  3. Ecdysis Activation [3:21]
  4. Primal Confluence [6:35]
  5. Erososphere [7:38]
  6. Atrium [3:16]
  7. The Biomechanoid Lifecycle Revealed [10:19]
  8. BioSense [7:19]
  9. Amniotic Universe [20:29]

Ambient music at its best!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Here is a new chapter in very prestigious career of Steve Roach. This time he teams up with a young jewel of EM from England Robert Logan. The genesis of this new adventure in sounds begins at the very beginning of 2000’s when Robert Logan discovers The Magnificent Void. It’s a lightning stroke for the young person Logan who, at 13 years, goes off to explore of Steve Roach’s immense discography. It’s the father of the young Englishman who has started the whole thing by sending to Steve Roach the drawings that his students realized by listening to the albums of the sculptor of sounds and tones of the Earth. Within those correspondences he also sent the ambient music of his son. It’s how the story took shape 4 years ago. They were talking on phone quite often, exchanging ideas and visions as well music files over the Net until they meet at the end of 2015. Two albums will go out of these sessions; the very ambient and meditative Second Nature, which was not planned at all, and this Biosonic which is a long mosaic of 70 minutes where some very esoteric ambiences switch moods and shapes for rhythms of fire which are muddled up by essences of Electronica and which are darkened by organic filters, otherwise industrial. A fabulous rendezvous between 2 artists of which the difference in age, not far from 33 years, doesn’t stain nor has any shadow on the passions which drive them.

    Those who are familiar with the very Psybient and Industrial approach of Robert Logan, I make a reference to his Inscape album here, will be on familiar ground with the flora of cavernous noises and the suspended beatings which liven up the opening of Desire: Birth”. Beats of the Earth and its fires stir up the fire over an omnivore fauna. The color and the aggressiveness of the tones reaches its paroxysm up until the dawn of the first minute

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