Steve Roach – Truth and beauty


Released: 1999 By Steve Roach

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  1. Aftermath [9:11]
    Appeared on the Spanish version of “Stormwarning”, 1992
  2. The Majestic Void [5:36]
    From the “Klem Electronische Muziek” 1994 collection, Nederland, 1994
  3. Fall of the Moai [1:53]
    Unreleased 1993, “Earth Island” era
  4. Earthman [9:44]
    Unreleased, with Suso Saiz 1993, “Earth Island” era
  5. Fate Awaits [4:22]
    Unreleased, with Suso Saiz 1993, “Earth Island” era
  6. Beyond the Blood [5:15] MP3 soundclip of Beyond the blood [3:00]
    Unreleased, “Artifacts” era 1994. Completed along with the addition of voices in 1998
  7. Before the Sacrifice [6:54]
    From “Twilight Earth – International Soiree” 1994
  8. The Unreachable Place (Again) [9:38]
    Unreleased, “Dreamtime Return” era 1987
  9. The Unbroken Promise [7:51]
    From “The Promises of Silence”, multi-artist collection 1993
  10. This and the Other [11:15]
    From “Soundscape Gallery” series one, multi-artist collection 1996

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2 reviews for Steve Roach – Truth and beauty

  1. Cliff Tuel

    Created by Steve Roach at the Timeroom, Tucson, Arizona. Earthman” and “Fate Awaits” with Suso Saiz (guitars).
    Bass and high voice on “Beyond the Blood” by Roger King.
    At long last

  2. Paul Rijkens

    In his long career, starting in the early eighties, Roach has made a lot of music. Some of these pieces didn’t make it to his regular” albums and were used on all kinds of compilation-CDs or didn’t even see the light. In 1993 the first album of lost pieces was released. It’s a good thing Steve has decided to bring us this music because the album contains some beautiful and intence tracks.

    It already opens with “Aftermath”

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