Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana – Well of souls


Released: 1995 By Projekt

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    CD #1

  1. In the Presence of Something [9:57]
  2. In the Realm of Twilight – Outlands One [13:13]MP3 soundclip of In the realm of twilight [3:00]
  3. The Secret Arrival – Outlands Two [14:08]
  4. The Gathering [24:08]
    CD #2

  1. Deep Hours [29:24]
  2. Well of Souls [25:58]
  3. The Quiet Companion [8:14]
  4. The Dwelling Place [9:02]

A dark descent through textures that swirl and drift like liquid smoke while tribal percussion throbs out its hieroglyphic Morse code

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2 reviews for Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana – Well of souls

  1. John Pemble

    Much like feeling in motion when standing still, an elusive synthesizer chord drone churns and gives the pitch an illusion of ascending In the Presence of Something”. Tiny wood-like dinks answer lower tunks over a high pitched processed sandy shaker and Native American flute responses. This opens the sonic threshold for a time altering journey through the double-disc set WELL OF SOULS by Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana.

    Alternating dissonant and consonant notes trip swishes

  2. Andy / Wales

    This is a wonderful double CD collaberation between two great musicians. One CD is deep tribal ambience with rhytm, the second is dark dreaming soundworlds.
    So whether you want to float with the lights out or feel the pulse your wish is met in brilliant style.

    2002. Andy / Wales

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