Steve Roach & Vir Unis – Body electric


Released: 1999 By Projekt

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  1. Born of fire [9:12]
  2. Pure expansion [10:16]MP3 soundclip of Pure expansion [3:45]
  3. Mind link [7:07]
  4. Gene pool [5:40]
  5. Synaptic Gap [1:56]
  6. Homunculus within [4:15]
  7. Bloodstreaming [3:10]
  8. Solor tribe [4:13]
  9. The new dream [3:58]
  10. Cave of the heart [7:00]

Tribal meets soundscapes

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  1. Bert Strolenberg

    With the new CD Body Electric” a new chapter is opened in the ongoing list of co-operations Steve Roach has done with various kindred musicians through the years. The name Vir Unis (alias of ambient musician/composer John Strate-Hootman) may be familiar to some listeners of ambient music as he has worked on the “Imaginarum”-project with Ma Ja Le

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