Syndrone – Blind date


Released: 1996 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Beneath the Surface [7:03]
  2. Skin Job [11:08]
  3. Last Dream Before [10:18]MP3 soundclip of Last dream before [3:00]
  4. We saw Elvis at the Busstop [5:10]
  5. Shift Nine I [5:31]
  6. John Doe [5:41]MP3 soundclip of John Doe [3:00]
  7. Beauty of Decay [4:07]MP3 soundclip of Beauty of decay [3:00]
  8. Musscheln und andere Tiere [14:05]
  9. Shift Nine II [9:01]

2nd cd of this Dutch duo. Sometimes melodic, sometimes dark

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