Tangerine Dream – Live in America 1992


Released: 2003 By Eagle

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  1. Two Bunch Palms
  2. Dolls in the Shadow
  3. Treasure of Innocence
  4. Oriental Haze
  5. Graffiti Street
  6. Backstreet Hero
  7. Phaedra
  8. Love on a Real Train
  9. Hamlet
  10. Purple Haze
  11. Logos

All regions PAL Rerelease on Eagle

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3 reviews for Tangerine Dream – Live in America 1992

  1. tdfreak / Germany

    A lot of money for just 46 minutes. Don’t think this is a live Concert or at least a part of it. 50 % or more are videoclips or light effects and historic pictures from unknown people. Considering this must be worth almost 28 euro’s, I would have expected more. The sound is OK , but the picture quality is poor. It looks like a copy of an old video. I think the pressinfo is misleading.

    2004. tdfreak / Germany

  2. Dennis Moore / South Africa

    BEWARE ! If, like me, you are sometimes pushed for time and therefore a little hasty in ordering products based purely on a title, you may well end up with a duplication in your collection. This DVD is actually a re-issue of the VHS Three Phase” and has little to recommend it

  3. LDT / Earth

    blah… what a bummer. I was expending something great from my favorite Electronic band and instead got some awful early 90’s mullet rock meets Enya keyboards. What the what were they thinking with those hair-do’s? If you LOVE Tangerine Dream which I know I do, PLEASE AVOID THIS DVD.

    2005. LDT / Earth

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