Tangerine Dream – Sleeping watches snoring in silence


Released: 2007 By Eastgate Music

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  1. Hyper Sphinx [14:21]
  2. Lady Monk [4:50]
  3. Sleeping Watches Snoring In Silence [5:58]MP3 soundclip of Sleeping watches snoring in silence [3:00]

Special single for Astoria, April 20th 2007

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2 reviews for Tangerine Dream – Sleeping watches snoring in silence

  1. Andy K / UK

    01. Hyper Sphinx
    It shouldnt come as total surprise that this is a remix of Sphinx Lightning from the album Hyperborea. Now that track is my least favourite on the whole album, and whilst it had some nice ideas and (for the time) some new sounds (care of the Emulator I and Yamaha DX7), it never (IMHO) developed into anything interesting, always lacking a strong central theme, a new twist or killer climax. So it comes as a total surprise to me that I like this new version so much. It was certainly the outstanding track from TDs recent concert in London (going by fan comments after the gig). Okay, so a brief description. It starts with the usual DX7 bell and white noise bursts of the original. In fact, little seems to have been changed, bar some subtle panning of the later. Descending bells take the track into a plodding drum rhythm, but this time some subtle synth has been added, but this isnt what most fans have come to expect from Edgar, this time the sounds have been carefully chosen and they generally fit with not only the overall character of the track, but also with the era it was recorded.
    A few seconds and the full rhythm kicks-in at a higher tempo, with a driving sequence and pumped-up drums. Over this Edgar adds some great vocoder vocal samples (the last time you heard this it was probably on the Keep soundtrack), not only adding to the rhythmic force but also creating a melody of sorts, on and on until a burst of white noise sounds, with strident chords and the volume builds again, with some great analog and PPG synth bursts, and its here that the track starts to turn onto a different tack, but still with the sequencer and drums carrying everything forward underneath. The melody is repeated several times, and then the drums die away, leaving a modulated trill, over lush drawn-out chords that slip across the soundscape, and just when you think youve heard everything this track has to say then Edgar hits you with some fantastic electric guitar. Totally in keeping with the rest of the track and yet theres nothing retro about it, he draws from and adds to the flute-like synth melody of the original, laid back and heart-felt, its Edgar at his best. The guitar dies away and a new rhythm starts, with some new bass accompaniment, and then the looping drums kick back in again and a synth repeats to fade. Just stunning, it deserves to be in every fans collection.

    02. Lady Monk
    Powerful drums introduce a strong sequence, with rubbery pitch bent notes taken from the track Zen Garden (from the album Le Parc; as played (in a remixed form) during TDs 1986 tour), but this time Edgar adds some extra layers over the fairly static central sequence. Nothing seems to develop, but it still holds your interest, as new and old sounds fade in and out, one moment a choir pad, a synth phrase, or plucked melody might sound before falling away.

    03. Sleeping Watches Snoring in Silence
    So something new from Edgar this time, but definitely with a hint of TD in the 1980s. A rippling sequence circles round as echoing notes are added or phased and then the track takes another twist as a distant voice-like patch plays. A low choir note states the key changes, giving a far darker edge. On and on until everything dies away leaving just an odd little plucked melody, with a scrapping guitar in the background. The sequence and choir return with a few speeded up notes and trills. Three huge drum hits and its over. A really interesting track, not exactly ground breaking, but with a few new twists and turns to keep your interest.

    Overall I found this to be TDs (or should that be Edgars?) most consistent EP/CD singles ever. Its a must have and no fan should be without it, regardless of what era or lineup you prefer.

    2007. Andy K / UK

  2. Lieven Van Paemel / Flanders

    For the first time in over 30 years I had something of a Wow” when I first heard “Sleeping” on the Groove Jukebox. TD hadn’t done anything really interesting since 1975 Rubycon but this tune has something catchy… But this “band” has since long lost my interest.

    2008. Lieven Van Paemel / Flanders

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