Martin Stürtzer – Theta Serpentis


Released: 2022 By Martin Stürtzer

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  1. Circumpolar – 08:27
  2. Hydro Cygnus – 08:54
  3. Emission Nebula – 10:44
  4. Moon Outpost – 15:34
  5. Serpens Cauda – 08:38
  6. Magellanic Cloud – 10:59
  7. Starseekers – 07:44

Martin Stürtzer presents his unique blend of Ambient, atmospheric soundscapes and Berlin school style sequencer work on his new album “Theta Serpentis”. Recorded on modern and vintage synthesizer equipment during studio sessions and in preparation of his acclaimed home concert series.

Running time: 71 minutes

Music recorded and mixed by: Martin Stürtzer
Artwork: Miriam Espacio
Mastering by: Don Tyler
released March 6, 2022

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered in 24Bit

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