Tim Blake – Blake’s New Jerusalem – Remastered –


Released: 2017 By Esoteric

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  1. Song For A New Age
  2. LighthouseMP3 soundclip of Lighthouse [3:00]
  3. Generator (Laserbeam)
  4. Passage Sur La Cite De La Revelation
  5. Blake’s New Jerusalem

Rhythmic, dreamy, melodic feat 3 bonus tracks

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4 reviews for Tim Blake – Blake’s New Jerusalem – Remastered –

  1. Andy / Wales

    1978! I am glad this CD is available again. It may be heavily new agey in its lyrics but then Tim comes from Gong and Hawkwind territory.
    Song For A New Age is a gentle guitar led piece with lots of synth twitters and chords behind it. Lighthouse is quite Star Treky due to some of the lyrics but a good tune nonetheless. I feel generator is the weak song of the bunch. Passage Sur… is a sequencer driven blast that manages to merge Tim’s lyrical musical style with TD style rhythms.
    For me the best part of the whole CD is Blake’s New Jerusalem, which has to be one of the most beautiful electronic music tracks ever made. Again you’ll have to remember where Tim comes from to appreciate the lyrics – much of the images referring to esoteric symbols and images. The movement between the vocals, rhythms and melodies is, dare I say this, lovely. This track is electronic music that has no dark edges, and like many of the pictures of Tim from this time is full of light and hope. I find it hard to link this music to other artists as it seems to be in a genre all by itself. Edgar Froese‘s Epsilon in Malaysian Pale is perhaps the nearest in my memory (is this available anywhere) due to its warmth and lightness.

    2002. Andy / Wales

  2. Mark Cotton / England

    New Jerusalem will always remind me of a night-time drive from Cornwall to Lincolnshire in the early 80’s. It is on of the most beautiful rhythmic pieces of music ever made, more an old friend than a piece of music. The initial build-up into the main body of the piece can only be described as ‘Delicious’.
    There are some who are of the opinion that Tim’s vocals are weak, but on this piece they fit perfectly. It’s just one of the greatest albums ever made.

    2002. Mark Cotton / England

  3. Richard Bartz / Germany

    This is some really bad newage music. Maybe if you were a newage hippie back in the 1970s you may have fond memories of this but it sounds dated and just plain bad.

    2004. Richard Bartz / Germany

  4. nknown

    This was and still is a cuting edge album. I owe so much to Tim and this album. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I have ever heard
    2005. Joe Molloy / UK

    The boys-own sci-fi” and silly-sentimental “new age” lyrics are embarrassing

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