V/A – Analogy vol.3


Released: 2007 By Groove Unlimited


  1. GERT EMMENS & JAMES CLENT – Vintage Contemporaries [7:11]MP3 soundclip of Vintage contemporaries (Emmens/Clent) [1:00]
  2. CREATE – Red Alert [2:52]
  3. STEPHEN PARSICK – A Molecular Surge [6:07]
  4. GERT BLOKZIJL – Monopology [6:54]
  5. RUSSELL STOREY – Cosmic Kiwi III [0:42]
  6. SYNTH.NL – Synthology [4:56]
  7. FRANÇOIS-POL CORNEC – Sea Click [5:19]
  8. ERWIN HOFSTEDE – Solina [2:23]
  9. JAMES J CLENT – Ambiology [4:31]
  10. RUSSELL STOREY – Cosmic Kiwi III [3:06]
  11. TERJE WINTHER – Familiar Surprises [4:25]
  12. STUDIO35D – Probe One [4:31]
  13. SCHÖNWÄLDER’S FILTERKAFFEE – Analogum [7:31]
  14. ERIC G – In the Moog [3:46]MP3 soundclip of In the moog (Eric G) [1:00]
  15. René van der Wouden – Ceci n’est pas un Analogue [3:13]
  16. MONO-POLY – Semdrone (Spaceship One Edit) [4:11]
  17. RON BOOTS – Analowho [7:54]MP3 soundclip of Analowho (Ron Boots) [1:00]

Boots, Schonwalder, Emmens, Parsick ++

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5 reviews for V/A – Analogy vol.3

  1. Andy

    Got it today and it is BRILLIANT!!! Love them all, but the second is better than the first and the third is absolutely the best. Some tracks are a bit too short for my taste (maybe I just can’t get enough of them 🙂 ). And Ron is way too modest to put his piece in the very end as it’s one of the best on the album.
    Count me in for the fourth if it ever happens :-). Best of luck and keep up the good work!

    2007. Andy

  2. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Various artists compilations never hook that much. Too many times it use great names in a middle of pure unknowns making us buy an average album where we can only find 2 or 3 good tracks. It is all the opposite with Analogy 3.
    Thanks to a superb mastering from Ron Boots, Analogy 3 offers an extremely astonishing musical homogeneity. An opus of a great artistic creativity where all titles are connected in a progressive evolution on rhythms with always captivating sound effects that intersect atmospheric moments, sometimes intense sometimes ethereal, always bordering the charms of electronic analog music.

    Gert Emmens and James Clent tackle this compilation with a title in the purest Emmens tradition. Vintage Contemporaries is dressed of beautiful whirring sequences which overlap an undulating rhythm, with analog sound effects which palpitate on the yelling and jazzy synths of Gert Emmens. In 7 minutes, Emmens explores with wonder its musical style which is one of the florets of the contemporary EM.
    Following are 2 titles with eerie atmospheres. If Red Alert has a hatched sonority, A Molecular Surge is with Ramps imprints, loud and intriguing on a dark structure.
    Astonishing, Gert Blokzijl offers a heavy title which moves as a train that furrows kilometres of tunnel.
    The atmosphere of Monopology is heavy on a rhythm with the ceaseless loops.
    Synths with nervous arpeggios are enveloping and create a rich climate which rests on short Cosmic Kiwi from Russell Story.
    A short moment of lull which is followed the slow and sensual Synthology from Synth.NL, an interesting artist discovered this year. Synthology offers a progressive impulsion on a melodious movement near lounge jazz savour.
    A beautiful track which is follow by the infatuation Sea Click from Franois-Pol Cornec. Simply an amazing and static track with circular keys draped of loud, but weakened, synths giving a musical aura very close to Schulze works, languorous synths in less. A great surprise and an excellent title.
    Moreover, the further we go into this compilation more the musical structures become heavy and progressive. The ambient moments are always present, but they reveal a rich and extremely varied atmospheric character, like Solina, Cosmic Kiwi III and Semdrone.
    Other titles are explosive like Ambiology, Probe One with its touch of slow and heavy techno, In the Moog from Eric G who is very in conformity with his superb opus Conclusion.
    And the good old recipe of a progressive EM, with rich atmospheres and random impulsions are presents on the superb Familiar Surprises, Analogum, Ceci n’est pas un Analogue and the melodious Analowho from Ron Boots, which buckles this compilation like Emmens and Clent had begun it.

    Analogy 3 is a superb collection which is listened from start to end, without faults or nasty surprises. A great studio work and mastering, with surprisingly strong material for a compilation, shows the professionalism of Groove which always innovate in the design of their products.
    One of the beautiful albums of EM in 2007.

    2007. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

  3. Edgar Kogler

    A new, excellent anthology of electronic music by high octane numbers, with the use of analogic synthesizers as a common trait to all themes. Though the styles vary quite a bit, depending on each artist, most of the music has got an innovative character, and the most developed genre is Space Music.

    The contents of the album is as follows:
    Gert Emmens & James Clent: Vintage Contemporaries”. Create: “Red Alert”. Stephen Parsick: “A Molecular Surge”. Gert Blokzijl: “Monopology”. Russell Storey: “Cosmic Kiwi I II”. Synth.Nl: “Synthology”. Franois-Pol Cornec: “Sea Click”. Erwin Hofstede: “Solina”. James J Clent: “Ambiology”. Russell Storey: “Cosmic Kiwi I II”. Terje Winther: “Familiar Surprises”. Studio35d: “Probe One”. Schonwalder’s Filterkaffee: “Analogum”. Eric G: “In The Moog”. Ren van der Wouden: “Ceci N’est Pas Un Analogue”. Mono-Poly: “Semdrone (Spaceship One Edit)”. Ron Boots: “Analowho”.

    Although all the tracks have a good quality

  4. Artemi Pugachov

    And you thought it was over? Heck no, there’s another one for you. It’s Analogy, Volume 3 – the new and possibly final chapter of the legendary series of samplers released by the Groove Unlimited label. The concept remains the same: make music with analogue instruments only, and use as little instrumentation as possible. This time a plethora of new names can be spotted, along with the usual suspects” (EM mainstays

  5. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

    Bong!, fait la tte du chroniqueur qui rentre dans le panneau de l’album tant attendu. Car, aprs le volume 2 qui fait partie de mes CDs prfrs dans l’absolu, j’ai bien d dchanter l’coute de celui-ci. Car le 3me (et sans doute dernier) exercice de ce style mis sur les rails par Ron Boots doit. Pourtant les protagonistes (Gert Emmens, Stephen Parsick, Stephen Humphries, l’curie Groove pour rsumer) sont les mmes, pourtant les styles abords et la mthode utilise sont identiques. A contrario, la sauce ne prend pas. Il manque ce catalyseur, ce petit clat de gnie qui fait qu’un CD reste englu la platine qui le rceptionne. Mme le morceau final, pourtant de la main de Ron Boots lui-mme, n’arrive pas remettre le bateau flot dans un dernier baroud.

    Cela laisse craindre le pire pour son prochain album, annonc pour le trimestre prochain. Ds lors, prions pour conjurer le mauvais sort.

    2010. LouLou / Prog-rsiste

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