V/A – Tone Science Module No.6 Protons and Neutrons


Released: 2022 By DiN Records

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  1. Prisms by James Bernard [8:11]
  2. V�nta by Elin Piel [6:59]
  3. Eddy Currents by Field Lines Cartographer [8:54]
  4. Contradictory Forecasts by Sarah Belle Reid [8:23]
  5. Waving In Harmony by Adrian Beasley [7:15]
  6. Upward by Elinch [7:28]
  7. Random Possibilities by Steve Roach [6:29]
  8. In The Shadow Of Giants by Ombient [6:32]
  9. The Mutation Trio by Doug Lynner [9:01]

Some great names on this release with inspired music.

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