Vanderson & Rudz – Remote Sessions


Released: 2013 By Ziemowit Poniatowski

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  1. 1.Journey to the Northern Land 18’06
  2. 2.Leaving the Earth 07’06
  3. 3.Far Away from Here 08’19
  4. 4.Lonely Dot 11’27
  5. 5.Sounds of Scattered Waves 05’52

Vanderson and Rudz recorded the first joint album – a rhythmic and melodic electronics close to the Berlin school.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    When one sees the names of Vanderson and Przemyslaw Rudz on a CD artwork, and what a nice one it is, we have both our ears on the watch. And it’s comprehensible. These 2 Polish artists are iconic figures of the Poland School movement such as showed with strong albums that they have realized over the years. And when one sees both names on the same artwork, the curiosity goes growing. Like on Remote Sessions where the unexpected duo presents a concept album about the spatial journeys with 5 tracks which interlace in a long musical act of 51 minutes and which embrace the soft analog perfumes of the cosmic music.

    After a brief ambiospherical intro where all the sonic elements are set up, a sequence of rhythm begins a delicate movement of kicks, from which the minimalist jumps will serve as basis to the next 17 minutes of Journey to the Northern Land”. The approach is simply magnetizing. The synth lines which are dawdling around in this rhythmic panorama

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