Vanderson – Sequenced Thoughts


Released: 2018 By kuSpheric Music

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  1. Sequenced Thoughts Part 1 [18:39]
  2. Sequenced Thoughts Part 2 [21:31]
  3. Sequenced Thoughts Part 3 [16:50]
  4. Sequenced Thoughts Part 4 [15:29]

TD-like music from the end eighties

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / synth&

    The Berlin School style EM will lose a great collaborator with the breakout of Vanderson towards the territories of Electronic Dance Music. The Polish synthesist has been tergiversating for at least four years regarding his musical orientation, reaffirming his desire to continue in the footsteps of his album Abyss and his latest album Beyond Time Structure, making of Sequenced Thoughts his testament to the Berlin School. And he doesn’t do it alone! Accompanied by Lambert Ringlage on sequencer, he signs one of his best albums where solos scroll like tails of multicolored kites in azure sky and where the music is a little masterpiece and an authentic overview of the evolution of the genre since the 70’s. Benefiting from a production and a mixing without spots which fill us the ears at satiety, this last opus of Vanderson consists of 4 very beautiful parts which subdue and astonish with this fascinating complicity between simplicity and complexity.

    The blurry introduction of Sequenced Thoughts Part 1″ fills our ears with tones that only EM can put into images. Are they some kind of water lapping? Felted explosions? Whispers of a cave’s walls? It doesn’t matter! There is of everything here for a fertile imagination. A synth launches harmonies in the form of solos that sneak like a sonic snake over this stave of ambient noises. A sequencer activates its keys after the door of 3 minutes. Waddling vigorously

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