Vangelis – Best of (Camden)


Released: 2008 By Camden

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  1. Spiral6:58
  2. Pulstar5:48
  3. Freefall2:17
  4. Sword Of [1:57]
  5. Alpha5:45
  6. Ballad8:27
  7. To The Unknown [9:02]
  8. So Long Ago, So [5:03]
  9. Shine For [4:12]
  10. 0Mare [1:48]
  11. Dervish [5:16]
  12. Theme From The TV Series

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1 review for Vangelis – Best of (Camden)

  1. Bjorn Viberg

    This is an amazing 2002 compilation. I was a bit suspicious since the prize was rediculousy low but I wanted to give it a try since Vangelis is a true master of electronic music. This compilation covers mainly his works from the 70’s with one exception that being track number 9 which was released 1991. Vangelis work from the 70’s is heavily influenced by the soft keyboard sound of the time and it sounds a bit like Jarr’s work at the same time and a bit of a touch from Kraftwerk. Anyone that thinks that electronic is played by muisicans that could not handle real” music will be in for a surprise as this kind of music is not for the novice but requires the same skills as for a classical piano player. Vangelis is truly an amazing artist

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