Weird – A different kind of normal


Released: 1999 By Synth Music Direct

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  1. Klaus To The Edge [7:30]
  2. Schaltzeit Nachtweit [7:11]
  3. 9VFE10M [9:40]
  4. Tiefenfluss [10:42]
  5. Manuel Gearchange (La RD Remix) [5:19]
  6. A Different Kind Of Normal [26:20]MP3 soundclip of A different kind of normal [3:00]
  7. Ausklang – [5:18]

Half of Kubusschnitt. Superb Berlin School

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2 reviews for Weird – A different kind of normal

  1. Paul Rijkens

    The title of this album is a good one. I will explain: normal” is that this is another CD with vintage electronic music

  2. Phil Derby

    Refreshingly, while some electronic musicians scream that they are totally original and that we shouldn’t even compare them to old Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze, wEirD unabashedly makes good ol’ sequencer-based electronic music with titles like Klaus to the Edge” and “Manuel Gearchange.” WEirD (should I capitalize that at the beginning of a sentence?) makes no apologies for making great sounding synthesizer music that is a blast from the past

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