Zanov – Open Worlds


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  1. Electric Dust Field [ 4:10]
  2. Next Trip [ 5:31]
  3. Magical Area [ 5:53]
  4. Strange World [ 6:49]
  5. Robot Valley [ 4:18]
  6. Signal from Diamond Desert [ 4:18]
  7. Vital Obscurity [ 4:27]
  8. Last Secret Time [ 4:37]
  9. Remote Impact [ 6:04]

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Let’s be honest and say it straightaway, Open Worlds is this kind of album that asks more than one listening. It’s this kind of album that nobody makes anymore. Or almost! Zanov is part of these musicians who decided to knock down the limits of EM by creating their own sound. By creating unique chords inside the parameters of their machines. Chords that we don’t hear somewhere else and which make our ears jump. A little as in the 60’s and 70’s when the magicians of studios made miracles by giving a new dimension to all music forms. The result gives phantasmagorical structures where the futurist and the cosmic are merging with rhythms which build and crumble down, spreading a tempestuous bed for ballads, some of them even sound like timeless bed songs (sort of The Little Prince), that we hear and perceives differently at each new listening. As much Zanov pushes back the limits, as much he awakens our senses with a complexity that we eventually tamed after 3 or 4 listening. Chronicle of a surprising album which gives a quite new dimension to EM, even in 2016!

    Electric Dust Field” introduces us in the very stylized universe of Pierre Zalkazanov with chords which agglutinate such as leaves in winds. A synth blows a light melody

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