E-News 1319 April 21st 2023
Hello All.

Yes we will release a special free CD during E-Day 2023.
It will have the complete concert of the Antenna of Rob Papen and me and!! the performance of E-Day 2022 the special tribute for Klaus Schulze!!

It will be a free CD and we will only make 300 copies. After E-Day we will have a few left and will have it then also on the web store. All visitors of E-Day 2023 it will be a free gift.
Tickets are still available (less then 50 left!!).

And we have the time table for this years E-Day that is going to be held on the 20th of May (only 4 week away!!) in het CKE in Eindhoven.

12:00            Bar area open
12:00            Box office open (Day opens)
13:00 / Start concert 1  Foyer Stage / Gerrit Blokzijl
14:00  – 14:15    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
14:15 – 15:15 Concert –  Bernd Michael Land
15:15 – 15:45   Break  
15:45 –  15.55    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
15:55 – 17:00 Concert – Martin Stürtzer 
17:00 – 19:15    Dinner Break 

+- 17:30 / Start concert 2 / Gerrit Blokzijl
19:15 – 19:30    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
19:30 – 20:30 Concert – Beyond Berlin
20:30 – 21:00    Break / Doors open (hall) entrance of visitors.
21:00 – 22:10 – Erik Wøllo 
23:00 End of the day.

Tickets are still available (less then 50 left!!).
Easiest way is our new webshop / go to!
30 Euro
But you can also pay per bank transfer / please send your full name with it
Transfer it to our RABO BANK account: Ron Boots.
IBAN: NL78RABO0113711557
For Belgium.
Fortis Bank, Belgie
Agentschap Hamont 41280.5
Accountnr.: IBAN: BE15001379731030
Ron Boots / Groove Unlimited, Best, NL

For German
Empfaenger: Groove Unlimited, Best, NL
Kontonr. des Empfaengers: DE83370694122803700012
Institut des Empfaengers: Raiffeisenbank Heinsberg

A new Dreamscape will be online tomorrow morning. (Saturday 22nd)

Thanks for the time
Ron Boots

NEW RELEASES Eloy Fritsch – Epic Synthesizer Music Vol.1

Traveling in the Celestial Sphere Hope Spaceship Intergalactic Journey Blue Light Source A glimpse of victory Hymn to the unknown man Digital Computer The City of Robots Sentinel of Eden Valley of the Clouds A great new album full of uplifting melodic electronic music. I has the feel from Vangelis to Jarre. Superbly played and the warmth and fun flows from this release!!
As always from now on if you buy the CD you will get a instant download from the music for free so you can listen to the album right away. Some nice new entries in the catalog and again over 250 titles came in stock!!
Getting to the 70/75% stock we want 🙂

Chuck Van Zyl with Ombient – Space Patrol – € 14,90

Space Patrol (61’10”) is the product of a synergistic magic generated between Mike Hunter (a.k.a. Ombient) and Chuck van Zyl. Their four momentous, far-reaching concerts, held over a 48 hour period in December 2013, were realized in one weekend spent in high gear – on the brink of self-destruction. It was a time during which the duo seemed to have spent more attention on executing their music across four different venues than on maintaining any semblance of personal congruity. Space Patrol is the resulting live album. Taking the listener with it, into a realm without words, the music sustains your attention from the very first note. Held together by texture, melodic narratives and atmosphere, Space Patrol propels the listener through a trackless void. Its sonic surfaces are rich, complex and saturated with meaning, as resonant melodies hide in huge vaporous spheres of sound. In a vocabulary of repeating patterns the duo navigates their own tributary of the Berlin-School. Dancing arpeggio notes, resonant analogue tones and interlocking percussion accents surge out of breathing synthesizer swells – while soft percussive chiffs and royal electronic bleeps echo out across vividly imagined distances. As deeply breathing chords stack up and sustain, machine-like synchronized sequencer runs gain momentum – cycling in lock step against a trail of echoes and dreamy tonal interplay. Hunter’s analog style step sequencer, and its seemingly endless facility for composition, repetition and variation, drives this music’s motoric tick-tock timing. Amidst this kinetic kaleidoscope of rhythm, van Zyl releases a ribbon of heroic synth leads, as well as soft Mellotron flutes, strings and choirs. The beauty of this work comes from its many strands, heard individually and comprehended collectively. At the center of Space Patrol’s three tracks is an area without form. Although possessing a shape, no one will ever completely explain the mysteries of this hot spot. The expanding soundfield has apparently left a gap in this region – for reasons that are not yet understood. The zone invites multiple interpretations, and while its meaning may be slippery, its power is unmistakable. In a compulsively detailed swirl of moods and impressions, this duo is pulled toward a hard chill – and the revivifying power of creativity. Mike Hunter and Chuck van Zyl create a realm so complete, the most difficult part of their Space Patrol will be the return to Earth.”

Rudy Adrian – Woodlands  – € 14,90

Woodlands is another inspired chapter in Rudy Adrian’s continuing exploration of atmospheric music. Once again influenced by the stunning natural spaces in his home country of New Zealand, Rudy has created a moving ambient impression of the wild forests and planted parks of Dunedin.

Woodlands offers thirteen deep and enchanting tracks that naturally continue the artistic thread from Rudy’s two previous releases, Atmospheres and Coastlines. Stirring atmospherics, natural ambiences and delicate synthscapes slowly evolve and drift through a forest of mystical moods and sacred spaces, creating a timeless work of textural electronic beauty.

The album is filled with the slowly evolving melodies, harmonically rich textures, subtle ambiences, otherworldly vocal effects, and sublime moments that listeners have come to expect from a Rudy Adrian album, and fans of Rudy’s previous works will also recognize the stunning baroque flute of Nick Prosser on the track “Deep Within Forbidden Mountains.”

Infused with the essence of wind, distant water, and the echoes of life, the mysterious music of Woodlands renders a deep and tranquil soundtrack; a serene reflection of long walks within wooded wonderlands where scattered light filters through the spreading boughs of forest trees.

Peter Challoner – More Than Can Be Heard –  € 11,90

Peter Challoner – Live at Awakenings 26.04.14 –  € 11,90

2 wonderfull releases from thsi cool musician from the UK. At times ambient, at times warm melodic electronic music.

AlphaLyra – Full Colours –  € 14,90

This project from Christian Piednoir is the perfect example of an excellent artist whose lack of visibility prevents thousands of cosmic ambient music consumers from discovering Alpha Lyra. FULL COLOURS is already a 10th album for the French musician who came out of the anonymity since his first opus, Music for the Stars released in 2006. This new album revolves around 5 long tracks more or less inspired by the pandemic that has been going on the globe since winter 2020. More or less, since FULL COLOURS proposes an intimist music where Alpha Lyra paints in music the blue as the madder and/or the red in pastel tints to make us dream eyes open and abandoned to our ears for 76 minutes of pure delight. In a perfect balance between Berlin School style and meditative music, FULL COLOURS can be listened to actively, with all its nuances, or idly in search of sleep, but after Crystal Red.

Offer Page

The offer page is a great succes, over 100 titles for a very cool price AND!! also some big names there like Vangelis, Schulze, Jarre, Oldield and Tangerine Dream!!

Plenty in stock!! Have a look around on our offer page!!
Lot’s of great CD’s for less then 10 euros.

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