E-News 1331 July 22nd 2023

Hello E-News readers.

We have a special long Dreamscape radio ready for you as I am off this next weekend for concerts in the UK! Check out the free concert for David Wrights youtube channel further in the news letter.

And we have less then 100 tickets left of E-Live!! Just a reminder gone is gone!!
Also some new titles in the catalog, less then I hoped but the preparations for the UK concert just took up a bit more time.

On Wednesday Monique and me had a great day/evening with the concert of Coldplay in Amsterdam during their “Music of the Spheres Tour”.
What a show!! (sorry for the non Coldplay lovers and EM news but it was awesome!!


Ok BUT!! we also have an awesome main act this year for E-Live

And we have less then 100 tickets left!!
Do not miss out!! Full is full.

E-Live 2023 – 14th of October 2023.
Tickets at

Main act !!
Johannes Schmoelling live on stage
ITER MEUM – mein Weg ( my way ) :
Musik von 1980 – 2022 von Johannes Schmoelling
Video Performance by Andreas Merz.

With the following Artists:
Stefan Erbe
Kontroll Raum / Bas Broekhuis, Frank Rothe and Mario Schönwälder
Darkthorne / Koen Buytaert and Tom Coppens

Foyer concerts by
John Christian

Start 13.00 (Doors open at 12.00)
CKE – Eindhoven – The Netherlands

But before that next weekend (Friday!! 
Ron Boots on Airwaves live!

Ambient electronic music composer David Wright welcomes you to his
Beyond the Airwaves Live Streamed concert #6.

The event will stream live at approximately 19:00 hours (music starts at 19:30) on 28th July 2023 at David’s Youtube music streams page:

The event features ambient electronic music from David Wright and his special guest Ron Boots. Regular guest Carys will open the evening performing her unique style of folk rock music.

The event will be free to watch but donations are appreciated and can be made to: paypal.me/davidwrightmusic

To attend in person, tickets are available for £5 from www.admusicshop.com but, please note, because the event is being live streamed, there is only a limited number of tickets available for those wishing to be there. Visibility to the stage and performers may be partially obscured by cameras etc.

Venue: The Maltings Pavillion, Pirnhow, Bungay, NR35 2RU is just off the A143/A1332 junction at Bungay FC. There is a free car park and a fully licensed bar!

Here are details of the next live stream, Beyond the Airwaves #6 July 28th, when our special guest will be Ron Boots. 😀🎹https://www.facebook.com/events/260093036502034/

And on the 26th of August!!

Sociaal-Cultureel Centrum ‘t Tejaterke
Za. 26-08-2023 – 14:00 uur

As you already know, the Dutch Electronic Masters Music Festival will take place this year in Best near Eindhoven. You can still order tickets via https://www.ticketview.nl/shop/tejaterke?eventID=3886

But there is a second way to get the tickets. You just send an e-mail to harald-gramberg@maghreb.nl and write how many cards you want. You can then easily pay cash at the cash register. The price is always 15 euros, both in advance and at the box office.

And for those who come there will be a free CD at the Groove stand for you to pick out from the Groove catalog!! So join us on this great day with performances of.

Elektronische Maschine 
Great to see them again!!

The peoples Republic of Europa
The Peoples Republic of Europe. Netherlands. Dutch industrial hardcore/Doomcore band. With some rhythmic noise influences and experiments into dark ambient .

Feralia Planitia
Scifi and cyberpunk-inspired electro by Feralia Planitia,
one woman project by Simona Dellamorte.

Ron Boots (solo)
I will go back to my roots with a inspired concert by Klaus Schulze.

Now let’s look forward to a beautiful day in Best near Eindhoven, all about good electronic music don’t miss it!!

A hot topic!
Why is there so little of Grooves music on streaming services!!

Musicians are barely getting paid for their recordings by the streaming services and mega-label corporate conglomerate overlords. As a small label I want to get as much as possible of the money that comes in to the artists.

During my last two encounters with major!! musicians, both of whom have had great previous career success, one held up a monthly streaming royalty check for $1.14 and the other for 16 cents.

If you follow me, buy stuff as directly as possible from small labels / musicians.
One LP, CD, or download pays artists infinitely more than the 100% based,streaming universe.

Someone is making billions of dollars through streaming music, and I assure you it is not the musicians. It is wholesale theft of livelihoods, period.

New Dreamscape now online.
Enjoy and have a nice weekend

Thanks for your time
NEW in the Catalog David Wright + Carys – Oracle
,Oracle’ is a magical musical journey blending elements of new age and electronic space music with a touch of ambient and the avant-garde. A follow-up to their 2017 release, ‘Prophecy’, ‘Oracle’ is a far more varied and yet more focused work. Strong synth and sequence passages by David Wright along with his adept arrangements are complemented by the evocative and sublime vocal textures of Carys . The combination of synths, sounds and voice perfectly complement each other here. The additional choir and string orchestration by David add an almost cinematic feel to proceedings.

12 varied tracks blend effortlessly together, forming a complete 78 minute opus split into two movements. The first half is ‘The Temple Suite’ and part 2 ‘The Orion Suite’. This result is an epic synth and choral symphony and presents music for the heart, mind and soul on a grandiose scale.

Atmospheric vistas laced with mysterious beauty present haunting passages that are intertwined with hypnotic and evolving sequences providing gentle rhythmic motion that is all held together by memorable musical themes.

‘Oracle’ incorporates all the best elements of the new age and electronic space music genres. From the thematic to gentle ambience, from glorious sequences and rhythms to the evocative and ethereal vocal textures of Carys…’Oracle’ ebbs and flows through it all, taking the listener on a journey through the cosmos that they will want to revisit time and time again.

Oracle is a stunning ambient music journey for the soul.

——————————————————————————————————— Mario Schönwälder – The Eye Of The Chameleon
  Behind The Mental Wall 12:20
Earthtime 10:18
The Eye Of The Chameleon 18:42
The Voyage Set Two (….To The Earth Pt. 1)
The Voyage Set Two (….To The Earth Pt. 2) Originally recorded November 1988 – May 1989 at Orpheus Studio Berlin Composed, arranged and produced by Mario Schönwälder

Track 4 recorded live at the Berlin Planetary on 7th January 1989.
´The Eye Of The Chameleon´ is Mario Schönwälder´s 1st CD, released on Musique Intemporelle in 1989, re-released on Manikin Records in 1992.
In particular, the excellent title track is very typical late 1970s Schulze style. The bell-like sequences, the basses, the solos, and the overall atmosphere evidence this. It could be a track from “The Historic Edition”. ——————————————————————————————————— Mark Jenkins – Modular Sessions 18 Moving Images ——————————————————
Mark Jenkins – Tubular Bells for the Moog Synthesizer Extended ——————————————————
Mark Jenkins – The Dark Side of the Moon… ——————————————————
Mark Jenkins – Modular Sessions 19: Live in the USA Disk 2

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