E-News 1338 – September 22th 2023

Hello All 

A bit early this E-News. But we have a full weekend ahead so let’s go with all the news.
To start of we have a special pre-order offer for you!!

Gert Emmens – Rob Papen – Ron Boots / 3 CD offer!!

Gert Emmens – city never sleeps
Gert new Epic music is even more melodic and grandeur. An astonishing album with a fantastic sound.

Rob Papen – Waiting
Well we have been waiting for this release for some years 🙂 And here it is The man behind PERU and NOVA with a new solo album. Great Sequencing with warm melodies and a sound that will blow you away!! Dutch EM at his best.

Ron Boots – Alone on Stage
Ron’s solo concert on the 26th of August during the Dutchmasters festival is a sequencer fest. Dedicated to one of his musical mentors Klaus Schulze this is Berlinschool transformed by Ron in his own style.

All 3 CD’s now for a special pre-order introduction price of only €35.00 instead of the € 44.50 Euro!! Expires on the 13th of October!! 

This concerns a pre-order. Release date is October 14th.
The download link will be active from this date.

And tomorrow Saturday morning we will have a new Dreamscape ready for you.

Enjoy the weekend!

Ron Boots New releases  Lots of new releases this week, like announced last week we are in the fall/release season.

GR-349 / TiRa the Art of Dance – Endless Ambient Part 1

On Monday we get them in and from then on shipping will start!
TiRa the Art of Dance has been known to many users of the relevant media pages for years.
The first CD by the talented, aspiring musician Ralf Gülpen is an important and logical milestone in his musical career.
In the so-called ambient music style, he creates immersive sound landscapes that take the soul into new spheres through atmospheric density and give the listener pleasant moments of relaxation. Through his artistically implemented visions, Ralf Gülpen succeeds in taking his audience on fascinating sound journeys. With the use of subtle textures, gentle melodies and hypnotic rhythms, a wonderful listening experience was created that appeals to the senses and takes the listener on a journey into the inner cosmos.

The careful selection of the track sequences combined with harmonious transitions between the pieces guarantee an interesting, harmonious overall experience.
The cover artwork rounds off this endeavor with visionary imagery.

Ambient music is a multi-layered and interesting platform for constantly expanding, experimental and individual forms of expression. This CD was created by the musician in one continuous track because it tells a story in the form of a musical journey, making it easier for the listener to relax and let it flow as a whole.

We wish those listening to “Endless Ambient, Part 1” an interesting listening experience!

GR-350 / Gert Emmens – city never sleeps

Gert has made an epic movie score that only needs a movie to complete it.
It’s the most evocative Emmens I have ever heard.
Shorter tracks, but man, are they alive!! An awesome release. This concerns a pre-order. Release date is October 14th.
The download link will be active from this date.

Rob Papen – Waiting

Rob Papen is a member of the Dutch synthesizer groups Nova and PERU. In the 80ties they created successfully CDs loved by the audience of electronic music. For many Rob Papen is also known as the creator of music plugins, used worldwide by various artists and producers.
In 2004 Rob Papen released his first solo CD called ‘DayDreamer’ and now the waiting is over, and this is also the title of his new CD.
This 60minutes CD ‘Waiting’ holds 10 synthesizer music tracks, and as a bonus also 3 piano compositions. This concerns a pre-order. Release date is October 14th.

GR-350 / Ron Boots – Alone on Stage

The life concert (with some tangenizing) of the Dutch Masters Festival!
These track where already released on several Downloads and Cd’s but where re worked and heavely changed for this concert!
If you like Berlin School Sequencing in the Ron Boots style you will love this release!

This concerns a pre-order. Release date is October 14th.
The download link will be active from this date.

REMY – The Other Side: Lost in Reality

Performed live at the Grote of St. Bavokerk, Haarlem, September 17th, 2022.
Music composed, arranged and produced by Remy Stroomer.

Lyrics by Joost Verhagen.
Vocal arrangement for “First Movement” by Judith Wesselius.
Choir arrangements by Remy Stroomer.

Mixed by Remy Stroomer between September 2022 and June 2023 at Exhibition of Dreams, IJmuiden. Mastering and post-production by Wouter Bessels, July 2023.

Album cover photography by Nausikaä de Blaauw.
Artwork and lay-out by Remy Stroomer.

This concerns a pre-order. Release date is October 14th.
The download link will be active from this date.

Däcker – Anthropomorphic Personification

Anthropomorph: “Human shaped” or “with human properties”.
Personification: To translate concepts (things) into a person.
Anthropomorphic Personification: To translate concepts into a human(shaped) persona, with human properties.

Composed, performed, arranged, recorded and produced by Peter Dekker

This concerns a pre-order. Release date is October 14th.
The download link will be active from this date.

Perge – Void Coefficient

A great new release from this UK based band.
Perge was founded with the ambition of recreating the excitement of classic Electronic Rock typified by the live performances of Tangerine Dream.
Their sound has continued to evolve whilst retaining the roots of the original sound.

ERIK WØLLO – Cloud of Strings

After many years and many electronic music albums, Norway’s Erik Wøllo returns home, in a sense, on Cloud of Strings. Created on an assemblage of acoustic guitars, his 14th Projekt
solo album sees Wøllo explore the instrument he first loved.

It’s an album of twelve melodic moods — an intimate collection showcasing a fresh perspective on Wøllo’s artistic range and versatility. With reflections of his previous critically acclaimed guitar- music albums — Guitar Nova (1998) and Blue Sky, Red Guitars (2004) — Wøllo imaginatively combines intricate finger picking patterns and sweet-sounding themes with dreamy and enchan- ting processing for a sparkling change of pace. Erik masterfully manipulates the strings with elevated clouds of dulcet layered sound. It is musical spellwork driven by clear and resonant acoustic melody.

Steve Roach – Sanctuary of Desire (2CD)

Masterfully joining the two worlds that define Steve Roach’s signature styles, the 140-minute
2CD Sanctuary of Desire combines deep ambience and mesmerizing, spiral-like forms in a
majestic flow of stately elegance and breathtaking aural drift.

Disc one explores a realm of suspended tranquility, sustained reflection and emotional resonance. Disc two soars upon a morphing journey into the mythic imagination by way of multi-dimensional Mandala-like tapestries woven from Steve’s mastery of analog-based synths and sequencers and hovering atmospherics. A timeless ephemeral and empowered space that soothes, inspires and enlightens.

“The album,” Roach muses, “is a cathedral of the future built to hold and nourish the deep spirit of the creative life. It has transcendent yearning, aspiration and integration at its foundation.”

Release date is 20-10-2023

Forrest Fang – The Oort Cloud Meditations

The Oort Cloud is a vast spherical hull of ice proposed to reside on the outer rim of our solar system. Nothing in this cloud has yet been seen, though it may contain icy objects including comets once close to the sun. This imagined place is the inspiration for ambient musician Forrest Fang’s The Oort Cloud Meditations.

While many of Fang’s releases are a hybrid of electronic and acoustic instruments, his latest remains predominantly a free-floating, transparent and gently unfolding electronic space. Using synthesizers to a greater extent than on previous albums, Fang organically transforms their tones into undulating harmonic gestures through ambient treatments and processing. The five far-reaching movements proceed at a relaxed pace; drifting atmospheres ebb and expand gradually, encouraging the mind to wander untethered.

“I created this album over an intense three months,” says Fang. “It started with a simple experiment that continued to evolve and spilled over into new pieces as the results grew more interesting and more sonically complex. I created electronic sounds that revolved around each other semi-randomly with room for harmonies to develop organically from these interactions. I used melodies sparingly, subtly introducing alternate tunings at times to reflect different moods.”

The album opens with “Planetary Hum,” a gently rolling series of tones intended to ground the listener for the auditory meditations to follow. The work’s open-ended textures are at times reminiscent of Brian Eno’s generative soundscapes but more dynamic in nature.

The extended “Diaphanes” follows, thematically drawing on the translucence of ice and revealing a surprisingly warm sonic environment. Like the opener, the overall mood is elongated and expansive. Across eighteen otherworldly minutes, the electronic textures glow and flicker suggesting arcs of the sun’s refracted light.

A darker, more mysterious blend of hues appears on “The Lighthouse.” Fragmentary themes quietly appear and recede in the veiled fog like random memories briefly emerging from the subconscious. Long, expanding echoes trail the melodic fragments leaving a large spatial void that ultimately swallows up these ephemeral reverberations. Even so, the fragments cover a considerable distance before finally fading away.
The faint trail from “The Lighthouse” leads us to the calming spaces of “Distant Signals.” Resonating frequencies resembling the sustain and decay of bronze temple bells and gongs drift across the acoustic field in tunings suggesting ancient origins. An unearthly choral sound bed gradually emerges, bringing the listener into an imaginary floating realm of undefined dimension.

Our visit to the Oort Cloud concludes with a return from distant celestial skies to internal spaces in the final piece, “Solus.” A cluster of thick harmonious tones form their own vibrating cloud; it momentarily hangs in the air before receding into silence.
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