E-News 1340 – October 6th 2023
Welcome to a new E-News.

First we have sad news of the passing of Dominique Perrier.

A great musician who worked many times with Jean Michel Jarre and is also known for his music with Space and Spaceart! Dominique Perrier was one of the nicest Electronic Musicians I ever met. He gave some great performances on E-Live and E-Day.

RIP Dominique and my Condolences to Dominique’s family and friends.
Here is a clip from his performance on E-Day 2016

Again lots of new releases and yes the list with Groove releases is also getting longer and longer. Not all releases where intended but as it happens there is a lot of new music coming your way.

And we have the time table for E-Live ready for you later in the newsletter. And with only 7 days to go there is still time to pre/order any product out of the catalog with an additional 10% discount! 
(mind you this does not apply for the already special discounts on some products)

You can do this in 2 ways.
One way is just to order through the website and use the “Direct bank transfer” as payment. This is how it looks on the site!!

But don’t pay!! Do this on E-Live and put in the txt section to us that you want to pick it up at E-Live. Monique will take care of the discount and also to remove the Shipping cost. That way we can bring it to E-Live for you with the discount!

Or you send us a mail (ron@groove.nl) with what you want us to bring and we will take care of it! You will get a conformation mail about it before E-Live.

And here is the planning for E-Live 2023 (may change a bit but not much anymore!!)

12:00            Bar area open
12:30            Box office open (Day opens)

13:00            Concert in small Area / John Christian
14:00 – 14:15    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
14:15 – 15:15 Concert –  Koen Buytaert   
15:15 – 15:45   Pauze
15:45 – 17:00 Concert –  Stephan Erbe

17:05 – 19:15    Break
Concert in small Area / John Christian

19:10 – 19:30    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
19:30 – 20:20 Concert –  Kontroll Raum  
20:30 – 21:00    Door opens (hall) entrance of visitors.
21:00 – 22:15 –  Johannes Schmoelling
23.00    planned End of the day.

And tomorrow there will be a new Dreamscape for you!!
Well that was it.
Thanks for your time.

Ron Boots New Releases!! OUT NOW!!
GR-350 – Gert Emmens – city never sleeps

As CD (ships Wednesday) / FLAC or MP3

And also on Bandcamp as CD and FLAC.

GR-351 – Ron Boots – Alone on Stage

As CD (ships Wednesday) / FLAC or MP3

And on Bandcamp CD / FLAC now also available
https://ronboots.bandcamp.com/album/alone-on-stage And now at the factory!
A brand new artist who joined Groove!!

GR – 348 / Terminus Void – APEIRON+
The man behind Terminus Void is J. Ronald Smith.


This concerns a pre-order. Release date is October 14th.
The download link will be active from this date.

“Apeiron” is the first real label release introducing Terminus Void’s full dynamic voice, including ambient, Berlin School, downtempo and the classic Terminus Void emotional sound world. It contemplates the abstract concept of the infinite and boundlessness of everything; from the laws of physics to consensus itself and asked the philosophical question of how we fit within its construct. There’s even a mysterious angle to it all, as the composer added various auditory symbology throughout the album which reinforces a broader concept. To decipher these, one must listen to the album as a progression and dig deeper into the meaning of each track. Although the musician isn’t eager to give away his interpretation or detail the storyline of the music, he reveals many of these symbols represent many things on multiple levels.

The music -including the introduction of the Waldorf Quantium synthesizer- was produced from a combination of three additional projects that are in various stages of completion. Composer J. Ronald Smith e.g. built custom 8th note ping-pong delays and multi tracked many of the sequences to add spatial depth. He furthered this with long synth fades tied to note-triggered pans. Creating balance was one of the major challenges found on this concept project, the strategy was to balance the sequences and use what is referred to as “transitional tracks” to keep the flow of the vibe from not becoming overbearing and tiring to the listener.

Moulding and shaping “Apeiron´s” full outcome, which features various subtle Blade Runner influences sprinkled in good taste, proved both daring and intense for Mr Smith, turning out into a rollercoaster of events in the last stage as many adjustments, polishing and subtle transformations were implemented, all rounded out with some stunning 24/48kHz mastering.

Compared to Terminus Void’s first two albums “Interstellar” and “Origins Unknown”, the music of “Apeiron” is a different breed, sounding straightforward: it’s an intruiging and well-done transition to a more dynamic-progressive sound which sets it apart from the majority of typical European melodic synth releases. UK-musician Pat Keista joins forces with Terminus Void on the exciting 9th track “Transmission II”. Pat recalls: “John approached me initially for supplementary work on drums, but our affinity grew into a piece in which I also contributed electric guitars. It was a wonderful experience”. And then there the final track “Beyond Apeiron” which was originally meant a collaborative track with another musician but it fell through in the end. Mr Smith decided to partly rearrange it, adding a lovely piano part and even managed to tame some of the more strident high frequencies in there.

In total, the 65-minute “Apeiron” is a deep listening, multi-level concept project featuring many auditory themes and musical expression styles unfolding throughout the full-length journey. Highly recommended!

Bert Strolenberg / SonicImmersion.org

New in the Catalog

Chuck van Zyl – Gwynedd  (Instock!!)

Gwynedd (61:21), the concert album by noted Electronic Musician Chuck van Zyl, presents two tracks. “The Electric Metric” (20:11) and “Mesmerism Mechanism” (41:10) represent his complete performance of 9 April 2022 as part of the continuing series at Gwynedd Friends Meeting Coffee House in Gwynedd, PA.

Loaded with Berlin-School patterns, drifting chords and spacey melodies this concert was attended by a group completely new to the Spacemusic genre and genuinely open to experiencing a unique performance. Moved by the history of the venue, the clear sound system and welcoming listeners, an inspired performance arose over two sets.

As Chuck’s improvisations resolved into a rousing sense of propulsion, decorous creamy synth leads hovered wistfully above the whirling pulse of interlocking, multi-layered sequencer turns – which raced ahead, then diminished into a swirling atonal ether. As energy built out in assemblies of machine precision, ethereal chords and modulated effects lightened the texture and atmosphere of the music.

The occasion provided the opportunity for Chuck to build on a deep list of previous concert experiences and offered a meaningful opportunity to advance his craft, further his artistry, and venture into a new sonic frontier before a receptive, perceptive audience.

From deep space gateways and rising arpeggio runs, to heedless heights of improvisation, on down to its quietly consuming fields, Gwynedd invites the listener to re-experience the wonder of concert music by Chuck van Zyl.


2 New Manikin releases will be available on E-Live!!
So order them now with 10% discount!

Kontroll-Raum (Broekhuis, Rothe + Schönwälder) – Gate 23

And the new 2CD (yes indeed one CD is a bonus)

And new in are 

Perceptual Defence – Emotional Ruins (2CD)

And now in stock!! 

ERIK WØLLO – Cloud of Strings

Steve Roach – Sanctuary of Desire (2CD)

Various Artists – Tone Science Module No.8 Tone Science Live (2CD)

That is it!!
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