E-News 1365 – April 14th 2024

Dear customers, friends, followers and supporters

E-Day planning and work is in full speed mode. Artists are working on their acts and we are working hard to make this 2024 Edition great.

And we have something special. Stefan Erbe will take care of the visuals for this edition, Those who where there last E-Live know that this guy knows his stuff. And together with Bas Broekhuis (Lighting) the will make this edition again a very special one!!

And this week a lot of CD’s will come in one of them is:
Tone Science Module No.9 Theories and Conjectures

2 new Groove releases are ready for you to order!!

GR-366 / Ron Boots & Gert Emmens – Lost in Dephts of Desolation
As CD (with free MP3 download/MP3/Flac and Bandcamp.

GR-364 / AE van Elst Projects – Two
As CD (with free MP3 download/MP3/Flac

E-Day offer!! E-Day discount offer!!

Yes we do have a special discount for people who want to pick up items on E-Day.
You can get a 15% discount on all items that are instock!! ONLY INSTOCK ITEMS!!
(if you already ordered fro E-Day te be picked up we will apply the discount!)

You can do this in 2 ways.
One way is just to order through the website and use the “Direct bank transfer” as payment. This is how it looks on the site!!

But don’t pay!! Do this on E-Day and put in the txt section to us that you want to pick it up at E-Day. Monique will take care of the discount and also to remove the Shipping cost.

And she will send you a conformation through our ordering system.
That way we can bring it to E-Day for you with the discount!

Or you send us a mail (ron@groove.nl) with what you want us to bring and we will take care of it!  You will get a conformation mail about it before E-Day.

E-Day 2024 discount for non visitors!!
But we are NOT forgetting our regular customers, for you we have a 10% discount on all orders for items that are instock!! Just use the coupon code – E-day –  and it will be applied to your order!!


NEW in catalog Remy + Däcker – Live at Byss (50 copy/Limited Edition) (CD/CD’r)
SOLDOUT only the normal version is available now.

Bertrand Loreau – Echo Of A Distant Time

1. In The Dark 21:30
2. Velvet Moon 15:02
3. Up At Dawn 6:12
4. Harmonic Romances 6:50
5. Sound Of Sand 17:33
6. Endless Run 6:17

Total playing time: 73:30

One of the best Berlin School albums Bertrand ever made, sounding very analog as if it is coming directly from the 70s.
You hear influences of Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Peter Baumann. limited edition of 222 copies

Mark Jenkins – 50 Years of “Autobahn” and Far Beyond

The double CD includes a medley from the early 1970’s albums which the band never speaks about; an over 10-minute “Autobahn” and other tracks from the album; remarkable re-imaginings of “Radio-Activity” and “Europe Endless”; pieces from “The Man Machine”, “Computer World” and “Electric Cafe”.There are original pastiche tracks about ekranoplans, airships, pocket calculators and analog synthesizers.There are guest vocalists including Hayley Williams from Heaven 17 & Soft Cell and a light operatic male/female duo.There’s A LOT of vocoder and computer generated speech. Then there are striking cover versions which Kraftwerk may have created in some alternate timeline – covers of Kate Bush, Cameo, Electric Six, Fad Gadget and PJ Harvey. “Computer Love” in French, tracks for Stylophone and Casio VL1, laptops speaking Welsh – it’s a whole universe of alternate Kraftwerks. With a complete equipment list inside the gatefold sleeve, it’s over two hours of Krafty entertainment.
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