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Released: 2023 By Synth Music Direct

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Xenomorph. I could actually just leave it there and bugger off for my lunch, but you guys would be a bit disappointed I suspect 😉
Album-wise, it was my first off the Centaur label and therefore the first not to be over-mastered at The Townhouse. It was instead under-mastered in the far outer-reaches of the grim North 😉 In subsequent years I attempted my own mastering efforts but still wasn’t really able to bring back the low-end and the transient punch to go with it. Hmmm… this go does pretty well though. I’m not Giles Martin and I don’t have Abbey Road minions to help me out. I do have ProTools though and I was told a few years ago by one of their engineers, that after this long I almost certainly know more about it than most of them do. I regularly evolve my mastering strip and although the latest iteration is producing awesome results (esp. on the Harmonics series which I’m doing at the moment), it’ll probably change again over time. I could bore you with all the technical details of it but bollocks to that. In short I mastered it using all my best shit, 25 years after it was initially done. So unless the engineer’s a tone-deaf marmoset on crack, it’s going to sound better anyway. There, I’ve saved at least a page of BS 😀

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