Javi Canovas – Nights of brightness


Released: 2008 By Synth Music Direct

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  1. Nimbus [16:58]
  2. Elipse [5:54]
  3. Metallic Core [10:22]
  4. Mr Ivan [5:26]
  5. Fugitive Star [7:16]
  6. Beta [4:56]
  7. Protoplanet [11:10]MP3 soundclip of Protoplanet [1:04]

Uplifting, dynamic, sensational music

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2 reviews for Javi Canovas – Nights of brightness

  1. Artemi Pugachov / Russia

    Nights of Brightness” is the newest album by Spanish electronic musician Javi Canovas.

    It begins with a long track called “Nimbus”. Abstract effects are what we hear for a couple of minutes before a pulse gradually develops. Excellent sequences are something of a trademark for Javi and here you will hear them in all their glory. Some sci-fi soloing can be heard but the essence of this track certainly lies in the sequences. I noticed that Spaniards have a special style of sequencing

  2. DL

    Twittering echoing sounds give way to soft shimmering drones. I must have given this sort of introduction to many an album and that is the problem with trying to use words to describe music. That same phrase can be used for a fairly standard but unexceptional start to so many Electronic Music tracks. So it really doesn’t do justice to the wonderfully crafted piece of atmospheric perfection we have here, never mind how ‘accurate’ the words are. We are not given long to luxuriate in the quality of this sonic landscape however as within two minutes the first sequence rumbles forward, morphing skilfully all the time, coming in waves, developing a real snarl from time to time. A sublime but subtle lead lines makes a brief entrance only to be replaced by a second, taking the story to the next chapter. Another sequence masterfully comes and goes playing with the first line of pulsations. The original lead returns, hitting the spot perfectly. Yet more sequences further increase the excitement. This is an awesome way to start an album- I reckon the best track Javi has ever composed and at over 16 minutes is something to really get the teeth into.

    The second track cranks up the sequences right from the off and the most melodic infectious ones they are too. A scorching anthemic lead line flashes forth. Body moving rhythms complete a perfect picture making me want to punch the air for pure joy. It would be amazing live, ideal for solo heroics! It is a very different track to the opener and with a duration of just five minutes as well as having so many melodic hooks, would make an ideal ‘single’ or ‘radio track’.

    The third piece provides confirmation, if that was still needed after the opening two numbers, of just how good Javi is at manipulating the sequencer. The pulsations move from one exquisite pattern to the next, fitting perfectly with the equally as skilfully crafted backing. There are two main sequences here, the first high register, making it hard to keep the hands still, whilst the second is a contrasting deep bass rumbler that should get the ground shaking. If you have them as part of your Hi Fi the purchase of your ‘subs’ would seem more than worthwhile.

    The fourth track is something different yet again- more like a cross between Tim Blake and Kraftwerk! The sequence is wonderfully ‘squelchy’, the initial lead mesmerizing and infectious whilst its organ drenched partner provides another excuse for wonderfully over the top solo heroics- and all this backed by subtle rhythms. It’s a track that will make you glad to be alive.

    The Fifth Track starts with rather Schulzian atmospherics before cranking up a much beefier Tangerine Dream style sequence accompanied by gorgeous mellotron lead line. A second sequence falls into formation with the first. This is yet another awesome track on an already quite incredible album.
    The sixth track however is a completely different cauldron of pulsations. Javi’s equivalent of ‘Chorozon’ I presume with the most infectious lead lines and driving rhythms- not one for the 70s purists perhaps but for those who also like early eighties barnstormers, an essential purchase. Again another track which would be ideal for the radio.

    The final track has just as impressive an atmospheric start as the opener but this time with a far darker feel. A slow brooding sequence emerges, soft tron soothing the steady purposeful rhythm. It’s a track just dripping with ‘attitude’.

    In my opinion this is the best Javi Canovas album so far with a perfect balance of tracks. Indeed this could well be the best Berlin School inspired album of 2008 so far.

    2008. DL

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