Kryfels – Dreamland


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1. Metabolic Connection 6:13
2. Subconcious Entry 5:39
3. Floating Point 5:48
4. Synchronicity 5:58
5. Time Abolition 5:24
6. Relative Reality 6:14
7. Psychic Indegestion 7:08
8. Reconfiguration 3:43
9. Dreamland 5:23
10. Internity 6:21

Tones which screech as the sound of church bells which are suffocated by a horde of specters, “Metabolic Connection” melt in our ears with these blades of synth which derive on a cosmic water. Without losing one second, Kryfels announces us the colors of “Dreamland”. In a work filled with the perfumes of Vangelis’ s post-apocalyptic approach in Blade Runner, “Dreamland” is a temporal journey in the vintage years with a very contemporary tone. The ten presented titles are jewels of ambient music where we treat our ears with a pallet of tones which have no borders. But music totally for ambient spaces? Not in its entirely! There are movements of lively rhythms which run in loops in what we call motionless cosmic rhythm, like the passive fury of “Subconcious Entry” which pulls our ears of a comfortable episode of space meditation. Here as everywhere, the armada of synth layers waltzes as slowly as a parade of snails going to the kettle. Even behind the livelier movements, as in “Subconcious Entry” and the brilliant “Psychic Indegestion”. “Subconcious Entry” ends its race in layers of ether which also embalm the atmospheres of “Floating Point” which is as appealing as “Metabolic Connection” with slow winged movements of which the delicate nuances, as well as their shadows, surround our senses, propelling sometimes sound waves which caress us with a veil of prism. A blend between Vangelis and Tomita, the opening of “Synchronicity” throws a little of gloom with tragic sighs which cry underneath a night ornamented of a million stars. There are very beautiful Vangelis layers which agglutinate as in a slow waltz where we dance with the shadows. Cosmic airs agree to pour their sighs in symbiosis with the tears of “Synchronicity”, amplifying this sensation of heavy nostalgia which surrounds this title. After an introduction full of glaucous and hoarse tones, “Time Abolition” espouses one of these cosmic dances which make the delights of the music lovers of cosmic ambiences.

Kryfels injects effects which remind us that EM of the vintage years evolved with sonic coquetries which were all the opposite of the charms of a sensual musical approach. Except that “Relative Reality” makes me lie with loops of rhythm which roll in loops within an electronic decoration adorned of its most beautiful assets. I like this mixture of organic tones which limp awkwardly in synth layers of which the cosmic impetuses are filled with astral voices. A concert of astral voices and a very beautiful piece of EM! “Psychic Indegestion” offers the best moments of “Dreamland” with a movement of lively rhythm which flickers as a thick cloud of butterflies challenging strong winds after a slow agony of groans carried by the strength of the cosmic currents. The moods possess this dramatic and poignant stamp cachet which surrounds almost all of this 4th album of Kryfels who adds elements of charms here, as these singings of whale calves misled above, these slow oceanic blades which come to caress our ears and these cosmic elements which come to titillate them. Short and intense, “Reconfiguration” does the effect of a slow procession under huge howling winds. A heavy bass effect throws a veil of emotion, such as dark strength of a Machiavellian organ, and a weight of human drama in this walking supported by a choir of angels and cabalistic monks. The title-track is quite in contrast at the level of the atmospheres which surround “Dreamland”. Here the tone is light, almost maternal, with brilliant arpeggios which glitter as in a beautiful rocking chair for solitary child. A soft lullaby without a sibylline veil and with a synth which loses sighs of violins and throws chirpings of cloned birds as well as sound effects of a universe which is at light-years from our. It’s very beautiful! “Internity” ends “Dreamland” by reminding to us of what he is mainly made of. Of slow dying sound waves, of a magma of synth layers of which the masses sign movements of waltzes in slow motion, of cosmic effects more than looked for and of fragments of melodies which melt before splitting. A delicious cocktail for the fans of the vintage years of EM where Klaus Schulze, Tomita and Vangelis amazed our greedy and always unbelieving ears.

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