Nattefrost – Dying sun / Scarlet moon

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Released: 2010 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. In Natura
  2. DraconianMP3 soundclip of Draconian [2:30]
  3. Music for the ManMP3 soundclip of Music for the man [2:30]
  4. Die Kinder der ErdeMP3 soundclip of Die kinder der erde [2:29]
  5. The Swan
  6. Seduced by Grief
  7. Ghosts from the North
  8. The Dark Spell
  9. Close Encounter
  10. My Wake Up

Excellent rhythms and atmospheres. With Matzumi and

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6 reviews for Nattefrost – Dying sun / Scarlet moon

  1. Artemi Pugachov / Encyclopedia of Electronic Music

    De Natura” gets this album underway with heavy effects and a rumbling bass line. A great melodic theme follows with traces of Kraftwerk‘s “The Robots” in the way the sequences and rhythms are built. Some key changes follow with various pulsating electronic sounds coming and going. Excellent

  2. Marcus Loeffner-Ohlrogge / Germany

    Sorry dear Bjoern, but this is not a hats-off production. It seems there were not many ideas, the sound is less and not excactly as the three great works at groove before. What happens? Please take time for the next production. This is not the quality I know from you. So I take Transformation as example and will forget this actually cd as soon as possible! You can do it better! Really!

    2010. Marcus Loeffner-Ohlrogge / Germany

  3. Paul Rijkens

    Nattefrost has become quite a household” name in serious electronic music. On record but also on stage

  4. Bert Strolenberg / Sonic Immersion

    The fine electronics Bjrn Jeppesen aka Nattefrost presents on Dying Sun/Scarlet Moon” album are of a groovy but also spatial nature.

    The album offers a nice assemblage of attractive sequencer patterns

  5. Robbert Schuller / iO Pages

    Onder een in deze winterperiode toepasselijk pseudoniem gaat de Deense elektronische musicus Bjrn Jeppesen schuil. De man heeft al een handjevol albums uitgebracht en werkte reeds met de gekende Robert Schroeder. Op Dying Sun / Scarlet Moon zet Jeppesen vooral in op ritmes en sequencers.

    De muziek bevindt zich vaak in de lounge en down tempo-hoek. Nattefrost‘s ritmegebruik is best verfijnd en fraai van opbouw, maar hier ligt ook de grootste zwakte van dit album. De tracks bouwen namelijk spanning op zonder uit te monden in enige climax of memorabele melodie. Sterker nog, er staat buiten de cover The Swan van de Franse klassieke componist Camille Saint-Sans geen enkel stuk op dat aandacht trekt via de melodielijn! Op de cd figureren ook enkele gasten waarvan de eveneens uit de Groove-stal afkomstige de bekendste is. Hun gezamenlijke nummer Close Encounters is het meest genietbare stuk elektronische muziek van de plaat.

    Nee, het moge duidelijk zijn ik kan niet echt warm lopen voor deze werkjes die Nattefrost in de voorbije 2,5 jaar componeerde; dit is een tamelijk zwak album vol stuurloze stukken.

    2011. Robbert Schuller / iO Pages

  6. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2010 offers 48 minutes of bouncy electronic music.Nattefrost is Bjorn Jeppesen. He is joined on a few tracks by Kathrin Manz and Michel van Osenbruggen (aka

    Spry electronics are matched by bouncy tempos, yet the result is often understated.A versatile array of electronics are utilized to generate lavish tunes that slide and swoosh with vitality. Strong lead melodies are created, then supported by additional riffs that give the songs a many-layered character. Agile chords glitter with appealing luster, combining to fashion songs that seethe with a relaxed energy.
    Rhythms play a vital role here, whether the beats are produced by conventional e-perc or by the rapid succession of harnessed pulsations. Frequently, both methods are employed, producing a lush zestiness when the rhythms achieve a pleasant intricacy.These compositions exhibit an attractive charm in their combination of dreamy pastiches with uptempo sensibilities. The songs possess a somber quality that is tastily seasoned by an undercurrent of soothing joviality, resulting in music that is as entertaining as it is at inducing contemplation.

    Mesmerization is balanced nicely with an active allure.

    2011. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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