Olivier Briand – Transparences


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  1. Transparences [5:11]
  2. Prophetic Steps [8:03]
  3. Gladiators [8:29]
  4. Dans le Temple du Graal [7:09]
  5. KS Revival [18:39]
  6. Fonik 707 [3:51]
  7. Mortal Nightmare [10:32]
  8. Cold Emotions [4:20]
  9. Apr�s L’Orage [7:21]

Tranpsarences navigates on a complex but rather accessible musical odyssey.Its a very good album which is going to please to the fans of Klaus Schulzeand Jean Michel Jarre. Thata what i call versatile.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    I have already written it; the French EM conceals small hidden jewels and Olivier Briand is one of them. Those who enjoyed his performance during the Nantes concert in August 2010, and which is at the origin of the SpaceFish Live Inexxa’s DVD, will be delighted to find again the complex and progressive electronic structures of the synthesist from Nantes. Pulled of recordings not used during his concert at Carquefou in 1996, Transparences is a mixture of the kinds and influences which gnaw Olivier Briand. We can hear there some good reminiscences of Klaus Schulze (especially), Jean Michel Jarre (at the level of the rhythms) and Tangerine Dream (on a melodic level). In brief, a beautiful meshing of styles which become entangled in a sometimes claustrophobic but often melodic vision. A beautiful album of forgotten but unforgettable rests!

    The title track begins with notes of an electro-acoustic guitar of which the bluesy soul roams under stars. Jean Jerez pinches his strings with pain and makes them resound among sinuous resounding lines which bite the fragility of their emotions while that quietly Transparences” deviates towards a more nervous rhythm. A rhythm at the crossing of a cosmic free blues where chords of an undisciplined guitar fight arpeggios of a nervous synth that percussions support with a good steady tempo. The intro of “Prophetic Steps” slides into the fiery rhythms la Jarre where resonant metallic percussions and arpeggios of an iridescent coolness collide on a beautiful rhythmic stuffed by crystalline serpentines

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