Paul Nagle – Twilight


Released: 2024 By Synth Music Direct

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1. Twilight 06:09
2. Salvador’s alpaca 05:54
3. Flyby 03:43
4. All the dirt 04:47
5. Embers 04:13
6. Fristaden 05:33
7. He’s Spartacus 06:28
8. Let yourself go (free) 06:50

This is my first solo album to be composed, multitracked, produced etc. in many years. So it means that, unlike a lot of my stuff since throwing away Cubase in a hissy fit after it went from VST to SX, every note you hear is because it’s meant to be there. This doesn’t mean I won’t return to live recording, doing tracks in a single pass to stereo and living with the consequences. It just means I fancied using the tools for my job on my own stuff. For a change.

For those of you wanting something more electronic, experimental, out there, you’ll have to wait for the sequel “And Darkness Falls” which is progressing nicely when time permits.

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