Steve Roach – Reflections In Repose (2CD)


Released: 2024 By Projekt

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CD – 1
1 – Watercourse 19:48
2 – Reflections In Repose 29:46
3 – The Splendor Within 24:03

CD – 2
1 – Hear Now 27:43
2 – This Is Why 15:31

Reflections in Repose captures the pure essence of Steve Roach’s ever-deepening intimate embrace of silence, breath, rich harmonic inventiveness, and shifting liminal states; it’s a sound and style completely unique to his electronic/ambient vision. Created over two evenings at the close of 2023, the music was recorded in the same sequenced flow as presented on the two discs’ 116 minutes. The five long-form tracks were performed on a single instrument — the Oberheim OB-X8 — the modern equivalent of the iconic Oberheim OB-8 which Steve used 40 years ago in the making of his classic piece “Structures from Silence.”

Steve reflects, “As I conceived these pieces, the intention and flow was to merge into the space where ‘Structures’ was born. Not as a nostalgic tribute but rather returning to the source where this essence lives within me. It’s the realm where I fully inhabit the emotional suspension and dynamic connection to the transportive power of sound. Expressing it in the moment with clarity and focus.”

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