Steve Roach – Slow heat


Released: 1998 By Steve Roach

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  1. Slow Heat [1:11:16]MP3 soundclip of Slow heat [3:00]

Single long form piece in the line of Dream Circle

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  1. Stephanie Sollow / Progressive World

    If you live in more northern or cooler climes, you probably have never experienced overly warm days, where the air is so thick it’s like being wrapped in a blanket from head to toe – we’ll, if it’s a hot, humid day. If you have, then you know what Steve Roach is getting at.
    Normally, the warmer it is (at night), the more chirpy crickets are, but even at extreme temperatures, the crickets find it too hot to chirp – or so it would seem.It is just such a thing that Steve Roach had in mind as he was composing this piece. To wit, he says in the liner notes:SLOW HEAT evolved from the atmosphere of my desert habitat Arizona. There are certain times of the day when everything falls silent

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