E-News 1310 February 12th 2023
Hi EM lovers.

At this moment the new shop is running really well, and adding titles is much easier and it makes my life and that of Monique a bit easier. Some are having problems with the Captcha security so we have disabled this for now. Order are being processed easier and the free download with each sold Groove CD is much appreciated.  For all reactions thanks!! And we are daily changing things to make it better.

Next work is getting a good Dreamscape page again with links to the CDs. Some have asked about it but believe me the shop was really prio one!! But we are exploring what to get for it. But the play list is still there and just copy past the title of the CD in the search engine and it will direct it to the right CD 🙂

And at this moment I started the preparations for the Antenna festival concert on the Saturday March 25 Day 2. I am really looking forward to play there!! A great teaser video is now online
thanks to Johan de Paepe for this!! 

Take a look at the site and come and enjoy unique music!
Grab a weekend of Musical Evergem and visit the wonderful city of Gent !!

Tickets available on line.

And we have a new Dreamscape radio ready for you.

And next week we expect 2 new Groove releases in.
GR – 342 / Skoulaman & Stephan Whitlan – Flight 433106
their E-Live performance now on CD!! From the 19th online and as CD,

GR-343 / Johan Tronestam – Cosmic Drama II
A great new release by this Swedish artist. I love this album it is superb!!
From the 19th online and as CD,

Check Friday the site they will be on the home page!! NEW GROOVE RELEASE! GR-10010 – Akikaze – Global Textures (CD-r/MP3/Flac)

I have worked on the mastering for this for some time and I can only say that this music that Pepijn (Akikaze) has created has gotten under my skin. First I was hesitate to release it as it is far from the mainstream EM Groove does. It is no Berlin School or any other EM based music.

But if Mike Oldfield would ever do an album like this he would have a hard time topping it. The musicality is stunning. You are listening to authentic music from the regions the music is situated. If you are in to melodic EM or just Berlin school it will not be your cup of Tea. But if you love music!! in all it’s forms then this is your album. You are transferred to all corners of the world.

A stunning album. It would be a great addition to Peter Gabriel “world” label. 
But is is a Groove release and I am proud of it!! Thanks Pepijn for this special experience.

The making of Global Textures by Akikaze
A detailed story of the recording process can be read on www.akikaze.nl/about
What follows here is a brief note on the album.

Global Textures is the magnum opus (so far) of Pepijn Courant, a.ka. Akikaze. This is different music from earlier albums. This is not world music because all music is from the world. It is music with respect for the cultures that inspired it. Pepijn grew up listening to all kinds of music from all over the world. The project started with a piece inspired by Pepijn’s first trip outside Europe to Indonesia. More trips followed that triggered more inspiration. In this album most hobbies of Pepijn are combined: music, language, foreign cultures and nature. He played every instrument and performed most vocals, even the female. He wrote lyrics in Japanese, Thai, Russian (his major at university), Persian and Sanskrit and learnt the basics of the Lakota language in order to be able to narrate a Lakota legend. There won’t be a second album on the planet like this made by a single person. Many sounds used are sample based and physically modelled electronic sounds, acoustic percussion and acoustic and electric stringed instruments, but analogue and digital synthesizers were used as well.

Greetings, Pepijn NEW ADDITIONS Lots of new releases and many are already in!!
Special attention for this Tangerine Dream Box

Tangerine Dream – Bootleg Box Set Vol.2



This 7 CD clamshell boxed set features a selection of recordings made at five concerts recorded between November 1976 and June 1983 by different incarnations of the sonic pioneers.

The first two concerts recorded in Nottingham in November 1976 and Washington in April 1977 feature the legendary line-up of Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Peter Baumann. The latter concert was broadcast live on FM radio as part of a US Tour that spawned the live album ‘Encore’.

The 1978 concert in Hamburg featured a short-lived line-up which featured Froese and Franke joined by vocalist and flutist Steve Jolliffe and drummer Klaus Krieger.

The concert at Newcastle City Hall in October 1981 was part of the tour to promote the album ‘Exit’ and featured the trio of Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Johannes Schmoelling. In 1983 this line-up performed a memorial concert in Frankfurt for the German film director Rainer Fassbinder who had passed away the previous year.

The nature of Tangerine Dream’s music meant that improvisation was a key factor in their live performances, making each performance unique. This makes these recordings so fascinating. Unavailable for many years, this Esoteric Reactive edition has been newly remastered. Released: 10th of March 2023
The Amnis Initiative – The Colors of Time

The upcoming album features 14 brand new instrumental synth tracks, styles ranging from melodic progressive to electronic symphonic and from cinematic ambient to atmospheric Berlin school. What if time is our dive through a chronologic string of impressions, colors and memories? Released: March 31 – 2023
S-A-W (Schmoelling -Ader – Waters) – Hydragate

  Available from 31.03.2023 S.A.W. manage to deliver a mixture of ambient, electronica and cinematic sound collages with their second album “Hydragate”. On the 10-track album, the quartet traverses different emotional energies from epic power to lightness. On “Surface Illusions” and “Hydragate” you can hear composed melody lines as you already knew them from Johannes Schmoelling from his time with Tangerine Dream. Also in “Whispering Colours” one recognizes the dexterity to program sequences that take the listener into a trance-like world of their own. On “Sphere” you discover a filigree sound design – no wonder, because band member Kurt Ader is not only a composer, but also a sound designer for various leading synthesizer manufacturers and programs sounds for well-known bands and artists such as e.g. B. Nightwish, Dream Theater or Michael Cretu. “Inside Out” impresses with the use of alienated ethnic sounds and on “Master Of Time” you can hear echoes of the electronic music of the 1970s as they meet the dark ambient sounds of the present time. Even very rhythmic titles are missing on the new S.A.W. album not, e.g. B. can be heard on “Distant Memories” and “Stop And Go”. “Hydragate” was developed in various studios in Munich, Berlin, Mannheim and Hitzacker, using various samples, analogue drum machines, modular and digital synthesizers. Now in stock!
Byron Metcalf & Shane Morris – Ancestral Resonance
resonance (noun): reverberation of sound; a feeling, thought, or memory that a piece of music or writing invokes in a listener or reader. In their first-ever collaboration, master ethno-percussionists and veteran ambient composers Byron Metcalf and Shane Morris align their cultivated powers to conjure an evocative soundworld for rhythmic ancient-future “travel.” A time-bending weave of layers of pulsing percussion (bells, drums, gongs, shakers, and ceremonial rattles), flowing flutes, didgeridoo, and shimmering synthesizer vignettes form the multicultural tapestry of soul-stirring sound. ANCESTRAL RESONANCE moves off the beaten path into a mysterious and shadowy sonic world of slow-pulse night sky dreams and hypnotic invocations designed to activate the echo of primal memory at the cellular level. With a mutual sensitivity to past, present, and future dimensions of the Seen and Unseen Worlds, and a shared resonance as seasoned ‘psychonauts,’ Metcalf and Morris guide us deep into the domain of the ancestors. We are the dreams of the ancestors. 3 New releases from Mellowjet. Harald Nies – Multiverse

It would be wrong to claim that spacerock musician Harald Nies reinvents himself on his new album “Multiverse”. But, and to be quite honest, that is sometimes a good thing. Much more the musician refines his very own sound. “Multiverse” is more electronic and has this deep and incredibly relaxing flow. Even though the term “spacerock” hovers over Harald’s music, it’s basically classic electronic music with elements of spacerock. The artist shows again and again how many facets this genre has and how well musical genius can be mixed with simple, monotonous sequences. From the first second on you dive into the fascinating sound worlds, which are not only a lot of fun, but let you forget the everyday life for a moment.

Wellenfeld – Eiswelten

Fantastic ice worlds. Cool and warm sounds alternate. Deep relaxation. Icy cold. Snow. And then the sun warms your soul. As always, Wellenfeld delivers the soundtrack for such a trip. Always in familiar garb. Always refreshing and a treat for the ears. That’s all you need. Electronic is “Eiswelten” anyway. Actually, the only new thing is that the album comes 100% from Andreas’ Braun pen. Wellenfeld is 2022 muit to a solo project. Hear for yourself the difference.

Otarion – Logos

As with my last TWO albums, Lógos is dedicated to a biblical theme. With Lógos (the word) John describes Jesus Christ in his gospel, the Son of God, who came into this world as a man. His incredible path, pure grace of love for people I implemented this in my music in 12 compositions. Feel the emotions and enjoy listening to my music.
Have look at these great new musical releases!!

Well that was a lot of new releases!! 
And we have a new Dreamscape radio ready for you.
Thanks for the time
Ron Boots
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