E-News 1350 – December 15th 2023
Hello Electronic Music lovers.

The Hello 2024 concert in Bochum is sold out!
Rob and me say thanks who will all join us on this evening.
We are going to make it special!

As for live concerts we have passed the first 100 tickets for E-Live.
Looks like the line up is just what you all wanted 🙂 4 month’s before the festival we have already a 50% sold tickets!! Thanks for those who preordered.
E-Day 2024 – 20th of April 2024.
 – Sequentia Legenda & Tommy Betzler (France&Germany)
 – Matzumi (Schwitzerland)
 – Get Emmens & Ron Boots (featuring Harold vs Heijden) (NL)
– Perge (UK)
Foyer concerts by
– Kellerkind Berlin (C. Gorsky)
Ticket sales online so you can now order them!

And we have some great new releases lined up for you in 2024!!
A new Paul Ellis, Akikaze and a finally the new Awenson (it took a bit longer then planned sorry). And if all goes as planned 2 new artist that are going to be much appreciated by you all!!

Schallwelle-Preisverleihung 2024
And the annual Schallwelle elections have started!! Again with a lot of Groove artists that released some amazing new music this year. So go to the page and choose your pick for 2023!!

The special price this year is for Gandalf!
Here are Groove’s releases for 2023 for those elections:
Rob Papen & Ron Boots – A November evening @ CKE
Christian Richet – Life is but a dream
Tronestam, Johan – Cosmic Drama II
Skoulaman & Stephan Whitlan – Flight 433106
Gert Emmens – Mysteries of Dawn
Eloy Fritsch – Epic Synthesizer Music Vol.1
Paul Ellis – Colour the Mind
Beyond Berlin – World gone Mad
Rob Papen & Ron Boots – Antenna Live
Gert Emmens – city never sleeps
Ron Boots – Alone on Stage
TiRa the Art of Dance – Endless Ambient Part 1
Terminus Void – APEIRON
The Roswell Incident – Departure from the Homeworld
AE van Elst Projects – One
FD.Project – Stars Landscape and Collision
P’Faun – Live in 2018 – E-Live & Elsewhere

Winfrid Trenkler honors the elections by coming! He will give the eulogy for Gandalf.
Entrance tickets can already be purchased in the online shop.

Tomorrow Saturday we will have a new Dreamscape online with music from the Groove 2023 releases to refresh your mind on how great the EM is we released this year.

Thanks for your time
Ron Boots
  NEW in the Catalog:

Cluster – Cluster 71 the BEST version cd,with a excellent remastering by W.Makkee.Cluster 71 is,for me,a masterpiece absolutely!


Steve Roach – Mystic chords & sacred spaces (4CD / Complete Edition) All versions in one great box!


Various – Klar!80 – Ein Kassetten-Label Aus Düsseldorf 1980-82 Klar!80 is a compilation of krautrock tracks released as on 14 Jul 2023.

Gandalf – 35 YEARS LIVE (Japan version 2CD) 35 Years Live is an album by Gandalf, released in 2023. The album is a Remastered 2-CD verson from Japan.


Tangerine Dream – Live at the Reims Cathedral 1974 (Double Vinyl) This Reims Cathedral gig is a legendary part of TD’s history. After the gig,
the Pope banned the band from ever playing in cathedrals again due to the behaviour of the audience.
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