E-News 1370 – 26th May 2024
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Still a bit over whelmed by the Diode Festival in Nothingham.
What a day, what a trip and what a success for all!!
I have made a travel log of this day (we traveled with 4 people in my van (Thorsten Quaeschning, Rob Papen, Monique and me)
You can read it here! (E-News would be to long if added 🙂

The performers of the Diode Festival

Down here is Peter Challoner his reaction (without him it would not have taken pace!!) Well, the very first DIODE electronic music festival seemed to be a resounding success. From the people I spoke to, I think we got everything just about right. The venue was perfect, the technical execution was almost perfect, and everyone went home happily entertained. 

This is all about people coming together to make great things happen for great shared experiences all round. Huge thanks to Ron Boots, David Wright, Thorsten Quaeschning, Stephan Whitlan, Rob Papen, Carys Singer, Phil Booth, Monique Boots, Rob, Jeremy Arblaster, Peter Hodgkinson, and of course Huge thanks to everyone who attended. Those who bought the VT’s enjoy them the music is superb. There may be more to come…

So now this has passed so successful we are going to look ahead for the coming months to The S.A.W. concerts and E-Live 2024 on October 19th in The Stoelendans (The Enck)!!

E-Live 2024 – 19-10-2024
And speaking of E-Live here are the first 2 acts that will be on stage in Oirschot.

Frank van Bogaert: (YES!! he is going to be on stage again. One of the BEST musicians we have in our scene is back from a break of more then 12 year/s!! Trust me this is going to be awesome!

Peter Challoner: his concert during Diode was superb. If you like the mix from Ambient soundscapes and Sequences then this is a concert not to be missed!!

More info and other artists will be announced next week but put that date in your agenda it is going to be a very special day!!.

And the following CD’s are instock or will be in Tuesday!!
Electric Orange CD’s – All titles!!
Spyra/Liese/Vikaluk – InSpyration III
Ramp – Havoc
Chris Franke (A lot of out of print CD’s)
Brian Eno – Various titles

So check also page 2 og the new entries!!

Later today there will be a new Dreamscape radio online!!

Thanks for your time and enjoy the news letter
Ron and Monique S.A.W. live on tour.  S.A.W. live on tour.
(More then 100 tickets sold for Oirschot!!)

S.A.W. (Johannes Schmölling, Kurt Ader, Robert Waters; Andreas Merz).
From Tangram – Tangerine Dreams to Hydragate

The dates and places!!
14/9/2024 – Pumpwerk – Wilhelmshafen (D) (tickets: https://www.pumpwerk.de/…/veranstaltu…/details-event/saw
Support act by: Ron Boots and Harold vd Heijden

21/9/2022 – De Stoelendans (voorheen de Enck) Oirschot (NL)
Support act by: Ron Boots, Gert Emmens and Harold vd Heijden

27/9/2024 – Gaststieg HP8 – Saal X – Munchen (D)
Tickets: https://www.gasteig.de/…/s-a-w-from-tangram-tangerine…/ New in the catalog Lots of new releases and old releases in the catalog. Best way to keep track of the new releases is to look once or twice a week on the main shop page.

So here we go with a selection of new releases.

Peter Challoner – Resonance (instock)

Resonance is the new album from Peter Challoner and completes a trilogy of electronic music albums (along with convergence and sub-sequence) which continue to develop the rhythmic / sequencer style of tracks in addition to the ambient soundscapes which form the core element of Pete’s music.

All of the track for resonance were put together over the previous 2-3 years for inclusion in various live performances and are brought together here and presented in their full form as a complete studio album.

Michael Stearns – Morning Jewel

It’s been forty-five years since Michael Stearns released his third cassette, Morning Jewel. Quickly embraced in 1979 by the burgeoning New Age and meditative music market, the album stands as a classic from the early era of Californian ambient artists. It’s a sublime sonic monument with two long-form pieces integrating natural sounds and minimal electronics in long quiet movements.

Stearns says, “The creation of this album came about from my curiosity and exploration of recording organic sounds in nature as well as an interest in microtonal tunings. Capturing the environmental sounds became a meditation and inspiration. Intertwining those sources with my music contributed a literal ‘organic’ quality to ‘Morning.’ Working with a microtonal scale and instrument brought the mathematics inherent in the natural world to ‘Jewel,’ lending it a more ‘organic’ feeling.”

With the sounds of desert sunrise birds opening the album, soft electronic layers slowly emerge, later placed within village and jungle sounds, complemented by gentle wordless vocals from Marsha Lee and Stearns. On “Jewel,” Stearns plays muted bell tones. The two profound deep ambient movements reflect the art of building music as much meditative as melodious.

Stearns says, “Reworking the masters with today’s amazing advanced digital audio technology, both in my studio here in Santa Fe and with the help of mastering engineer Bob Ohlsson in Nashville, created this new incarnation of Morning Jewel. The original recording and mix took on an exciting new life through this process.”

Mark Jenkins – Moog Meditations (Re issue)

“MOOG MEDITATIONS” originally from 1998 was produced to accompany a book from Quarto on meditation techniques. But it’s not an ambient or relaxation-oriented album – the various techniques included dance, fitness and exercise, so there’s plenty of up-tempo as well as more atmospheric music.

“Lux Aeterna” and “Endless Space” open with dramatic, spacey sound textures while “Zen Garden” offers Eastern-influenced exotic layers of sound. “Hearts Of Celtia” is an Irish folk-influenced piece (re-arranged from the earlier “Space Dreams” album), while “Shaman’s Dance” has Native American rhythms under compelling sequencer tracks comparable to Deep Forest. Elsewhere flowing Moog synthesizer lines weave in between pianos, pipes and orchestral sounds. There’s plenty for fans of flautist Terry Oldfield for example, and a very Keith Jarrett-like piano solo in “Acceptance”, while “Affirmation” closes the album with a massive Vangelis-like symphonic theme.

The recording is from the exciting MIDI/digital era with strong analog-like sounds from a bank of keyboards and modules by Roland, Korg, Ensoniq, Cheetah and E-Mu all controlled by an Atari ST computer running Passport Mastertracks. Akai samplers carried ethnic voices and other audio passages.

Mark Jenkins – Space Dreams (Re issue)

“SPACE DREAMS 2” originally from 1996 uses a dazzling array of synthesizers and sequencers – it’s a sequel to the original “Space Dreams ” CD (also recently re-issued in expanded form) using floaty, atmospheric and powerful layers of synthesizer sound but this time adding driving rhythms and sequences.

Tracks such as “Supernova” and “Into Orbit” use pulsing layers of ratcheting sequences comparable to music by Tangerine Dream and Jean-Michel Jarre, while “Neptune Storm” and “Earth Is My Home” have the ambient atmospheric touches of Vangelis or Steve Roach.

The recording is from the exciting MIDI/digital era with strong analog-like sounds from a bank of keyboards and modules by Roland, Korg, Ensoniq, Cheetah, Kawai, Quasimidi and E-Mu all controlled by an Atari ST computer running Passport Mastertracks. Akai samplers carried audio passages (including the voice of US President Bill Clinton) while Moog, ARP and Elka synthesizers added classic analog textures. The tracks mostly cross-fade for an uninterrupted listening experience which is particularly effective on headphones.

The CD’s original bulky jewel case has been dropped in favour of a slimline wallet featuring new AI artwork. 

Neuland (BAUMANN & HASLINGER) – NEULAND (Vinyl) (instock)

Neuland features former Tangerine Dream-members Peter Baumann and Paul Haslinger. They workshopped a record under a different name (Blue Room) nearly 30 years ago, and now – as Neuland – they release a deeply immersive DOUBLE-DISC debut-album that’s respectful of their Tangerine Dream roots, but exists on its own astral plane. Projekt Gamma – Infinity Berlin School space music with sequencing and light rhythms.

Projekt Gamma – Hinterm Horizont 2 Berlin School space music with sequencing and light rhythms.

Lord of the Ants – First King ‘Lord of the Ants’ music is an imaginative blend of rhythmic and cinematic electronica with numerous other influences cleverly included. The result is a series of complex and intriguing soundscapes with memorable themes verging on the avant-garde. That style continues here, but it is substantially enhanced and advanced by a much edgier ‘feel’ that helps to generate a darker atmosphere that permeates the music throughout. It’s difficult to reference because it is so original, but, at times it reminds one of the style of Ryuichi Sakamoto or one of those soundtracks you hear and have to find out “who did the music!”. It isn’t a soundtrack per se, but the theme of ‘First King’ is the legend of ‘Brutus of Troy’, so the fact that the music is thematically linked makes it even more compelling. The production is first rate and there is some truly stunning and captivating music on offer here. Highly recommended!

Lord of the Ants – Quantum Voodoo Lord of the Ant’s own galvanic, compelling brand of electronica is heavily influenced by electronic music’s eager adopters, which dutifully include Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Tomita, Vangelis and many other innovators of the early EM scene. Other more contemporary influences include Radiohead, Boards of Canada, Moby, Aphex Twin, Code Indigo, Sigur Ros and Café del Mar.

Lord of the Ant’s debut album, ‘Quantum Voodoo’ is a joining together of a variety of electronic music styles and contemporary rock styles, influences and philosophies. The result is a truly original and spectacular EM tour de force – an eclectic mix of dark ambient tones, dreamy landscapes, driving sequencers and screaming guitars. ‘Quantum Voodoo’ takes you into a new musical realm – a place of magic, of unexplored themes, mysterious rythmns and inspirational new sounds.

Quantum Voodoo’s multifarious musical style and alluring abstract themes are designed to appeal to the ‘thinker’ in all of us – encouraging us to explore our own reality and to reach out into the fringes of our understanding and to ultimately confront our own beliefs and prejudices.

Lord of the Ants – Firebird Been listening to it today and yes, it has the same wonderful quirkiness of ‘Quantum Voodoo’. However, ‘Firebird’ seems to hang together as a much more mature album than the debut – and that was some album IMO! ‘Lord of the Ants’ has recently become one of the labels top download sellers so this new release is certainly going to enhance his growing reputation. It also highlights that AD artists are happy to take risks and produce something challenging and a little different to the norm. Firebird is a really great album that shows adventure, creativity and originality.Firebird is an imaginative blend of rhythmic electronic music and cinematic electronica, with deep house, chill, rock, dance and experimental influences that is superbly produced and grabs and holds your attention from start to finish. From the opening title track, the listener is treated to a series of memorable themes and intriguing soundscapes, either established by foot tapping sequences, infectious rhythms or deep bass and cinematic tones underpinned by searing guitar and melodic lead lines all encompassed in wonderfully original sound effects and atmospherics. When things slow down, as with “Impossible Sky” and “Secrets of the Days”, the superb use of unconventional rhythms under deep bass and occasional acoustic guitar and treated voices is mind blowing. Even the use of a sampled Eastern female vocal on “East At Least” is given a new twist with the imaginative backing and unusual rhythms. The debut album ‘Quantum Voodoo’ was an interesting collection of diverse music, but this time round Christopher has honed his skills and wrapped his great themes up in clever rhythms, sequences and diverse sounds. But above all, by focussing the arrangements it has ensured ‘Firebird’ is a mature, interesting and hugely entertaining electronic music album.

Lord of the Ants – Back to Berlin “Back to Berlin” is a mesmerising journey into the realm of electronic music. The music draws inspiration from the iconic Berlin School style. It wonderfully captivates with a unique blend of vintage synthesisers, hypnotic rhythms, and expansive soundscapes. The result is a beautiful and immersive sonic experience.
From the outset, “Back to Berlin” sets a mood of nostalgia and wonder. The opening track, “High Water,” immediately establishes the album’s retro-futuristic atmosphere with pulsating sequencer patterns and lush, ethereal pads. The meticulous attention to detail in the production is evident, creating a sonic tapestry that feels both familiar and innovative.

One of the standout qualities of this album is its ability to evoke vivid imagery through sound. Each track unfolds like a sonic painting, painting scenes of bustling cityscapes and nocturnal journeys. In “Seven Lamps,” for example, the listener is transported through a dreamscape of traditional organic sounds, shimmering synths and echoing melodies. It all evokes a sense of mystery and contemplation.
The craftsmanship displayed throughout “Back to Berlin” is truly commendable. LOTA demonstrates a mastery of sound design and composition, seamlessly blending classic Berlin School elements with modern production techniques. The result is a collection of tracks that feel timeless yet contemporary, appealing to both seasoned electronic music aficionados and newcomers alike.
The album’s signature title track, “Back to Berlin,” serves as a highlight with its dynamic interplay of arpeggiated sequences and expansive atmospheres. The track builds gradually, creating a sense of anticipation and crescendoing into a euphoric climax that is both exhilarating and emotionally resonant.

Another noteworthy aspect of “Back to Berlin” is its rich textural quality. The use of analogue and modern synthesisers, coupled with acoustic instruments, lends warmth and depth to the sound, enveloping the listener in a cocoon of sonic bliss. Each sonic element feels purposeful and meticulously crafted, contributing to the album’s overall coherence and allure.
There’s a keen sense of pacing and narrative throughout. Tracks like “London Lounge Lizard” and “Cognitive Shift” showcase LOTA’s ability to build immersive sonic landscapes that unfold organically over time. The album’s closing track, “Thoughts on a Hyperdimensional Wind,” brings a sense of closure and contemplation, leaving the listener with a feeling of catharsis and longing for more.

In conclusion, “Back to Berlin” is a remarkable achievement in electronic music. This album not only pays homage to the Berlin School tradition but also pushes the boundaries of the genre. It offers a fresh and contemporary take on classic electronic soundscapes. With its evocative compositions, meticulous production, and captivating atmosphere, “Back to Berlin” stands out. It is therefore a must-listen for anyone with an appreciation for electronic music that is both unique and undeniably beautiful.
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