E-News 1336 – September 10th 2023

Welcome to this new E-News

E-live is at the point of being sold out.
4 Tickets left!! This is going to be a special day.
Thanks for all who pre ordered tickets!!

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Yesterday we had the EC festival in Hamm.
Another Barn, good atmosphere and warm, especially warm.r
And a susual great music by Wellenfeld, r.roo, Steve Baltes and Ströme.
I also like KN/GHT$ from what I got from it sounded like really good Electro pop!!

And a good day meeting with Mario, Killian, Volker and Lambert. The pre fun for E-Live has already started 🙂 And it gave me the change to bring in some new music!
So here we go.

And today there will be a new Dreamscape online.
Have a great weekend
Ron Boots New in the Catalog BILL LASWELL & PETE NAMLOOK – Outland [limited] – 6CD-BOX

Releases date 13-10-2023
CD1 ‘Outland One: From the Earth to the Ceiling’:
01 Part 1 (4:59) 02 Part 2 (4:59) 03 Part 3 (5:02) 04 Part 4 (4:57) 05 Part 5 (4:59) 06 Part 6 (5:00)
07 Part 7 (5:00) 08 Part 8 (4:59) 09 Part 9 (5:00) 10 Part 10 (4:59) 11 Part 11 (5:00) 12 Part 12 (7:02)

CD2 ‘Outland Two: African Virus (Electronic Sonata with a Cold loved by Nature):
01 Part 1 (9:30) 02 Part 2 (9:28) 03 Part 3 (18:09) 04 Part 4 (5:48) 05 Part 5 (6:08) 06 Part 6 (10:15)

CD3 ‘Outland Three’:
01 Definition of Life (14:13) 02 The Question of Containment (20:44)
03 Keeper of the Purple Twilight (11:47) 04 DSTC (7:47)

CD4 ‘Outland Four’:
01 The old World (5:09) 02 East meets West (2:57) 03 Our small blue World (4:52)
04 Bella Prime (4:55) 05 Physical Transformation (4:40) 06 African Dub (9:14)
07 East leaves West (6:26) 08 DSPill (12:06)

CD5 ‘Outland Five’:
01 Outland Exploration (10:44) 02 An Intelligent Force (6:34) 03 Object Approaching (8:51)
04 N-Dimensional (17:44) 05 The Origin (13:35)

CD6 – BILL LASWELL: Outland Six: Blackland:
01 Blackland (40:00)

The ‘Outland’ album series was a collaborative endeavour by the visionary US bassist-producer Bill Laswell and the late German musician Peter Namlook, that pushed the boundaries of dark ambient and electronic music. Spanning five albums released over a thirteen year period from 1994, this boxset serves as a testament to the creative synergy between the two masterminds. At the time the duo joined forces, the New York-based Laswell was already a famous producer with a massive client list that included cutting-edge rock, pop, funk, jazz and electronic artists, but he had also founded the Axiom label in 1989 and been responsible for groundbreaking work in genres that included ambient, dub and world music. Namlook was recognised as a pioneering figure in the ambient techno scene, having founded the label FAX in his native Frankfurt in 1992.

‘Outland’ became a fusion of their individual musical sensibilities that resulted in a unique set of releases. At the heart of the series is an exploration of sound as a vehicle for emotion and con- templation, with Laswell’s signature basslines and experimental soundscapes interweaving seamlessly with Namlook’s ethereal textures and intricate sonic layering.
Each album is characterised by a sense of expansiveness, taking listeners on a voyage through rarely charted sonic dimensions. All have the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions and have their own distinctive sonic palette, ranging from ambient tranquility to cosmic intensity. ‘Outland’ has endured as an influential touchstone, its impact felt not only in its captivating sound- scapes but also in its invitation to engage in deep introspection and cosmic contemplation. With each album, the duo beckoned listeners to transcend the mundane and embark on a sonic voyage into the extraordinary, where sound becomes a conduit for spiritual and artistic expression.

The lavish matte-finish boxset opens to the 5 “Outland” albums in separate matte sleeves, with all-new designs, and all audio completely remastered. This box also contains a new addition to the OUTLAND series – an album of dense, bass space drone by Bill Laswell, entitled “Blackland”. The boxset also contains an exclusive card with an essay about the project written by Bill Laswell
this July 2023. Lambert – Bon Courage

Since the last CD “Drachenreise” Lambert has taken part in productions by Vanderson, Bertrand Loreau and Johannes Schmoelling. The new album shows Lambert from a familiar, Tangerine Dream-oriented side. But new accents also let the music shine in a new light.
A lively opener takes us to new horizons, other tracks let us dreamily slide into other spheres. Sparklingly hypnotic tone patterns and deep sound harmonies captivate you.

The titles reflect different emotional states and moods. »Bon Courage« is a source of encouragement and happiness when dealing with all the ups and downs of our lives. Music can help us feel feelings that are difficult to capture with words.

As a bonus (track 10), this CD includes a collaborative track with Johannes Schmoelling (Tangerine Dream 1980-85) that immerses itself in the atmosphere of Hyperborea. Colin Rayment – Time Dilation

1.-  Fast Forward Chronograph 11:52
2. – Accelerometer 07:21
3. – Transitional Dimensions 10:24
4. – Snapshot in Time 05:34
5. – Glimpse into a Future 12:32
6. – Time Stands Still 11:33

Time dilation

Theoretically, time dilation would make it possible for passengers in a fast-moving vehicle to advance further into the future in a short period of their own time. For sufficiently high speeds, the effect is dramatic. For example, one year of travel might correspond to ten years on Earth.

In time dilation, time moves slower for an observer who is in motion relative to another observer. To a stationary observer, a moving clock will tick slower than the one the observer is holding. The concept of the time dilation effect comes from Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.

Would you want to look ahead? And if you could, what would you do about what you see…
released September 9, 2023 Tangerine Dream – Dead Solid Perfect

In early 1989, Tangerine Dream scored another film, released later in the year, but the soundtrack, “Dead Solid Perfect”, was not released until 1990. The CD edition was not authorized by the band, which had not the chance to prepare the material for the album release. Who knows how this music would sound like after it had been doctored. On the one hand, the band might add something, delete something else, or join some tracks into compositions longer than those featured on the CD. On the other hand, we are presented with a unique opportunity to listen to the actual score that accompanied the motion picture. It would be best to have both versions, but we should be content with the result, given the fact that more often than not in recent years, Edgar Froese is likely to spoil whatever is still worth something.
The best tracks, very good ones, comparable to those on “Miracle Mile”, are the opening ‘Theme from Dead Solid Perfect’, and then ‘Tournament Montage’, ‘My Name Is Bad Hair’ and ‘Sand Trap’, the latter (and also ‘Kenny and Donny Montage’) having much in common with the next soundtrack release, “Catch Me If You Can” of 1989. Most of other tracks are repetitions of tunes, single musical notes, miniatures, and reworkings, mixes of the same small set of ideas. 3 new releases by Project Gamma!!

Projekt Gamma – Flug der Raumsonden

Projekt Gamma – Neue Planeten (2CD)

Projekt Gamma – Raumpatrouille 6

All great new releases by volker Vlottmann!
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